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VitaPulse Evaluation – an ally against free radicals

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Free radicals can cause many health problems that we can prevent by adopting a healthy lifestyle, but also by using dietary supplements filled with antioxidants, such as VitaPulse. We cannot expect from a pill to improve all the bad that we do to our body through sedentary, smoking or unhealthy eating, but it certainly helps. However, nutritional supplements have proven to be effective in a number of ways, and those based on antioxidants contribute to neutralizing free radicals and protecting the body against their negative effects. Also, antioxidants are said to be the secret of young, old-age life due to their anti-aging properties.

What is VitaPulse?

VitaPulse is a dietary supplement with antioxidant properties created by Princeton Nutrients to support the cardiovascular system. As its manufacturer claims, it is able to support a proper cardio function and maintain normal cholesterol levels, reduce inflammation and improve cellular energy, as well as mitochondrial health.

All these benefits are important for a proper overall health and for preventing heart diseases. Prevention of heart disease is very important, due to the large number of casualties it makes around the world.

Princeton Nutrients claim that they design products made of high quality ingredients, from hand selected sources that increase effectiveness. Also, their team of researchers creates advanced formulations based on scientific studies, respecting Good Manufacturing Practices for authenticity & purity. Through their 90-days satisfaction guarantee, they offer their clients sufficient time to test the product and see how it works. When they are unsatisfied with the results, they can send the product back, no matter the reason and receive their money back, excepting for shipping and handling fees.

The returning product policy and 90-days money back guarantee that Princeton Nutrients offers may be a reason strong enough for us to determine using the product, thinking that we have nothing to lose, but if it does work, we discover a healthy dietary supplement that improves our cardiovascular health.

As part of their commitment to “giving back to the world”, every sale of Princeton Nutrients supports Pencils of Promise and their mission to offer children access to education. By buying Princeton of Nutrients’ products, you help accomplish such a noble mission.

The benefits of antioxidants

Antioxidants are substances that appears naturally in fruits, vegetables, tea and chocolate. Some of these antioxidants are flavanols found in chocolate, resveratrol found in red wine and lycopene that it is found in tomatoes. Other antioxidants are Vitamins A, C, E, beta-carotene and folate. Our body needs antioxidants to prevent or stop cell damage produced by free radicals (oxidants), which are produced by the environment, as well as by our own body. In order to fight viruses and microbes, our body creates free radicals, but if we have too many oxidants, it can lead to serious health problems, including heart disease and cancer.

Some antioxidants are produced by our body, but some of them aren’t. Also, our body’s production of antioxidants decreases as we age. In these conditions, we need to increase antioxidants levels from our body by including in our diet foods rich in antioxidants and by taking dietary supplements. The benefits that antioxidants have to offer are multiple. They can repair damaged molecules, block the production of metal radical and increase our body’s natural defenses.

Other important benefit of antioxidants is their ability to determine cancer cells to “commit suicide”, process called apoptosis. Increasing the antioxidant intake is beneficial to our body in various ways. It can protect against premature aging and contribute to a smoother and firmer skin. Due to their anti-aging effects, they are sometimes considered an elixir of youth. The fact is that it helps us slow down aging and keep us younger, healthier and full of vitality, even at an older age.

The ingredients of VitaPulse

VitaPulse contains only three ingredients, N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC), CoQ10 and Pyrroloquinoline Quinone (PQQ). Each of these ingredients is a powerful antioxidant that effectively works to neutralize free radicals and improve overall health. NAC is an antioxidant derived from the amino acid l-cysteine, which works as a protein building block. Considered a powerful aid for preventing cancer, WebMD listed NAC as “possibly effective” in reducing homocysteine levels, which are a risk factor for heart disease.

According to a study conducted by Muhammed Zarfullah, NAC can help in alleviating degenerative diseases, because it protects healthy cells from damage. It can reduce the oxidative damage responsible for the appearance of respiratory problems and, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center, it can reduce chronic bronchitis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Also, it reduces the negative effects of some chemicals and medications, such as acetaminophen, doxorubicin and cisplatin.

Some studies recommend it against mental disorders, including bipolar disorder. Due to this quality of NAC, VitaPulse helps to improve mood and mental functions. It is also believed that it can reduce blood pressure, but further studies are needed to know for sure. Because NAC is used therapeutically against various conditions, it is an important ingredient in VitaPulse that increases its efficiency and improves overall health.

CoQ10 is the second antioxidant in VitaPulse, extremely appreciated for it heart-protective qualities. As shows the study published by the European Journal of Heart Failure, CoQ10 offers important benefits in improving cardiovascular health. This 10-year study proved that patients with cardiovascular problems who had taken 100mg of CoQ10 three times daily reduce the risk of dying from heart failure and decrease by 50% the chances of suffering a cardiac event.

Some studies show that CoQ10 increases the immune system and prevents the antitumor drug doxorubicin from hurting the heart and improves the health in cancer patients. As it has been showed, when used with conventional therapy, it increases the efficiency of anticancer therapy in women affected by breast cancer.

We find CoQ10 in many dietary supplements, created to help us fight different health problems, such as muscle degeneration (when used with vitamin E it supports muscle regeneration), reduces aging, protects against hearing loss, supports male fertility, reduces stress, has important neuroprotective effects, prevents complications associated with diabetes and lowers the levels of triglycerides. Due to its well-known recognized benefits, cosmetic manufacturers add it as a precious ingredient in various beauty products, such as anti-aging creams, lotions and serums.

The third ingredient from VitaPulse, PQQ Na2, is a chemical with antioxidant and neuroprotective properties. It is naturally found in our body and has an important influence on increasing the number of mitochondria, which leads to boosting the levels of energy and improving overall health. Other important benefits of PQQ Na2 include boosting mental function, improving mood and the sleep quality, as well as reducing insulin resistance, which is extremely important in preventing diabetes.

Using PQQ Na2 proved to be effective in reducing inflammation and fighting free radicals and because improves memory, helps reverse cognitive impairment produced by chronic oxidative stress. As a powerful neuroprotective, protects memory and cognition, as it has been shown in a few preliminary studies. Even though it isn’t known for sure, there is a possibility that the supplementation of PQQ Na2 can increase overall metabolism. With only three ingredients in its composition, VitaPulse protects our body from free radicals and improves overall health.

Why should we use VitaPulse?

VitaPulse is a good choice for people who want to benefit of antioxidant protection, because it contains three powerful antioxidants. Using it help us protect our body from the harmful free radicals, prevents cellular damage, reduces heart inflammation and supports a proper functioning of the cardiovascular system, improves cellular energy and creates mitochondria in cells, but also reduces joint, improves sleep, reduces anxiety and alleviates muscle pain. All these benefits are offered only by the three ingredients in the product’s composition, which were carefully chosen to provide a powerful antioxidant protection.

Before taking any supplement, is important to set some realistic goals and don’t expect miracles. A dietary supplement cannot replace a healthy lifestyle, even though it can be of great help. A high-quality product, made of healthy ingredients with powerful therapeutic effects can offer us important benefits. Because they are an excellent source of health, people of all ages use them, either to prevent certain illnesses or to help treat the illnesses already installed. People can take VitaPulse as a way to boost their cardiovascular health, reduce the negative effects of free radicals and support their health.

Also, the results people can receive vary from one person to another. It is impossible for all of us to have the same reactions to a certain product, either it is a natural supplement or a conventional medication. Therefore, some users could experience incredible positive effects, while others don’t notice any change. In other cases, it requires time for a product to work, as its effects can be noticed gradually and not in the first days of administration.

Other important aspect to consider before taking VitaPulse is the fact that it is free of unwanted side effects. Most users tolerated the product very well and those who experienced side effects noticed digestive upset. Also, it is very easy to take, because it is necessary to take one capsule a day and the capsules are small and extremely easy to swallow, which is perfect for people who aren’t too comfortable about taking pills.

In most cases, you can say a lot about the seriousness of supplements manufacturers by simply visiting their websites, if, of course, they have one. Fortunately, Princeton has a website and offers clear information about the products it sells. It is true that you can never have enough information about an item you want to purchase, especially is it is a dietary supplement, but the ones it offers help us to understand more about how the product works and how serious is the manufacturer.

On the Princeton Nutrients’ website, we can see the following under the information about the product composition: “This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease”. This information may be less encouraging for those interesting in using the product, however, a nutritional supplement is not a medicine, but an incentive design as an aid to our health. Moreover, adding this type of information can be a proof of seriousness and can convince us that the product they sell is a quality one, meant to bring us benefits not just to take our money.

It is very true that the price for such a product can be considered too high by some of you. There is always the option to buy the ingredients of the product individually, which can also bring benefits to the body. It is also worth remembering the amount of ingredients contained. So, a capsule of VitaPulse contains 250mg of NAC, 100mg of CoQ10 and 10mg of PQQ. It depends of what it is more convenient for you, but it is good to know that if spending $235 for six-month supply is too much, you can find other options.

We are well aware of the unseriousness of some manufacturers who deceive their customers through hidden autoshipment programs. Princeton Nutrients does not mislead us in any way, which is another good thing that characterizes them. Once you place your order, they will charge only one time and when you want to order the product again, you can access the website or call their customer service number.

Bottom line

VitaPulse seems to be an effective antioxidant formula, useful for people who want to protect their bodies against free radicals and support their heart. Each one of its ingredients provides antioxidant effects we cannot neglect, whether we want to give our heart a boost or to slow down aging.

Nevertheless, it is a product people can trust because the manufacturer offers a 30-days money back guarantee and users’ reviews are positive. Also, it is free of side effects, with a powerful antioxidant formula, easy to use.

The possibility to receive your money back if you are unsatisfied with the results is extremely useful. This way, the product’s users have nothing to lose if it doesn’t work for them.

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