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Wag Dog Walking App Reviews – Does it Work or Scam?

Diane Luke
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Is your job time-eater and don’t have anymore time to take care of your pets? Or are you living town for a period and can’t take your pets with you? Don’t worry, because Wag Dog Walking App is connecting you with caretakers in your area and more than that. Does it work or scam? Let’s find out together.

About Wag Dog Walking App

Wag Dog Walking App is an app designed for those people who don’t have enough time to take proper care of their pets and want their pets to respect a regular schedule of walking, playing, and eating, having in the same time the possibility to supervise the caretakers activity.

Being available for no-costs for both the iOS and the Android operating systems, this app has become the most popular pets caretakers app on the market. For the moment, the app in only available inside the USA, and even though it has been in schedule an international development of this app, it has not been done, yet.

The app permits the caretakers to set up their own fees, even though negotiation between dogs owners and caretakers are very frequent. The dogs owners are making the payments via the app but when negotiating with the caretakers and deal on a different fee they have to notify the app owners about the new fee.

How exactly does it work?

According with their site, the inventor of the Wag Dog Walking App was an active employee who lived in LA and who wanted to take a dog but he was concerned about his busy schedule and he was thinking that he will not have enough time for a dog or a cat.

Soon after that, he realized that his was not the only one in that situation, which was a reality for many individuals who are dogs or cats lovers and would love to have a pet.

That guy invented the Wag Dog Walking App service to solve this issue.

The Wag Dog Walking App uses caretakers services who may already have experience and good references. The App allows dog holders, through a variety of tools, such as background check, and customers reviews on the caretakers, to get pointed to a caretaker that meets their requirements.

After your chosen caretaker walks your dog, you may log in into the application on which you can observe the route on which the caretaker walks your dog and exactly how long the caretaker walked your dog so far, so when the walk is complete you’ll be provided with a report greeting card, a photograph, the distance journeyed, a bathroom update, and many more info about how precisely your dog carried on.

You are also asked to write a short review for the caretaker, once you have worked with him or her.

Wag Dog Walking App price plans

A clear price plan is not available on the App’s official site.

As I’ve already said, it looks like every caretaker is eligible to ask its own price, while the dog holders are eligible to negotiate that price.

Refund Policy

Unfortunately this amazing App is not offering any information about refunds.

Unhappy customers or those who simply want to find more about the App’s functions are welcomed to contact the customer support department and they can accomplish that by phone at 323-238-9548, or via email at Jason@WagWalking.com, for customers, or at Carina@WagWalking.com, for caretakers.


The Wag Dog Walking App seems to have generally positive reviews. However, there are also unhappy customers. Most of their complaints are related to the difficulties in finding caretakers in different areas.

On the other hand, in accordance to some customers whose dogs haven’t been properly walked, Wag refused to provide refunds, saying that caretakers must get their money for their work.

Are there any better Alternatives?

There are, of course. Some of the best alternatives out there are Rover.com and DogVacay.com.

In conclusion, Wag Dog Walking App is a reliable application for people who don’t have the necessary time to walk their dogs. On the other hand, the App it is also a great income generating solution for caretakers.

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