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Is Waldo What You Need?

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I am sure that you are an online shopper if you accessed this article. In the last time more and more people are buying all kinds of things from the online stores like Waldo is. This is a great advantage considering the urban lifestyle these days. It saves allot of time indeed.

Online shopping

Lately I have seen many sites that promise you to help you recover the extra money that you have paid for a product that was released on sale with a discount right after you bought it.

The way they promote themselves is quite appealing. They claim that you can buy all kinds of things, you can play games and whatever you might like to do and in the same time you will earn money back from your purchases.

One of these websites that gained allot of popularity is Waldo.
In the fallowing rows of this article we will talk about this specific website

You will learn all there is to know about what it promises to its customers and which might be the advantages and the disadvantages of using it.

What is Waldo?

When you make your purchases online you know exactly how much you have spent and you are convinced that your money are gone for good. Things are not completely like that. You might be able to recover a part of the amounts paid for the goods bought.

You might not know but most retailers offer a protection policy that offers only great advantages. In case you bought something that soon after you bought it is released on the market with a smaller price, thanks to this policy you can recover the extra amount paid.

The thing is that most people who are online shoppers do not know about this policy or even if they do when you buy various things from various retailers it is difficult to check all the time if the prices were reduced right after you bought them.

Waldo is ready to do this research for you and when you least expect it you will wake up with money back on your pocket.

Do you really need it?

This company was founded in 2019 and this is saying about it that it is a young but promising company. There are not the only ones on the market.

There are other companies that do the same thing but you need to put a bit of work for this money recovery process. For example you must upload recipes on these companies’ apps in order for them to follow the retailer recent discounts.

The big advantage that Waldo offers is that all you have to do is download the app, register your email address and this is it. You don’t have to make any extra effort to earn your money back from the retailers because Waldo will do that for you.

What does it do?

In order to achieve its goal, Waldo is checking all the time the prices’ ups and downs at various retailers with which you collaborate. Your email address registered on Waldo must be the same through which you receive the recipes from your favorite retailers.

These companies from which you make your online purchases usually adjust their prices daily according with the requests of their customers. You have all the chances to benefit of Waldo’ services and get a certain part of your money back.

How can you get it?

The entire process is a piece of cake. This is an app that will be able to manage your recipes received from the retailers via email address. Once they will know how much you have paid for a certain purchase they will verify the retailer; website in order to see if the item bought by you comes on sale.

I mentioned before that you will wake up with money in your pocket with no effort from your part. However, Waldo will ask you how you wish to be notified about these refunds. This means that you will know about them for sure.

Besides the email address, you have to register your bank account, so Waldo will know where to place the refunds received from the retailers.
The number of retailers checked by Waldo is quite numerous.

Their number might reach over 100. After a brief research about Waldo I have discovered that it does not check only the retailers’ websites but also the credit card companies who have the same secret policy.

Is this for real?

As unreal as it might sound, it is very real and legal as well.
If you are worried about sharing your email address and your bank account, I assure you that all that info is safe.

If you don’t believe all the things that I have said about the refund policies that most online retailers have, you can check on your own. They really do have these policies.

Waldo is an easy to us app. Considering that it is new in this industry, there will be other features added to app in order to make it even more friendly.
They also have a referral program to which you can enroll.

Your personal data are completely safe. They do not share your info with third parties. They will notify you from the beginning what data they will use and they can praise themselves with a great transparency. Your personal emails will remain untouched and unread.

What it will cost you? They will apply a fee of 25% from the refunds obtained from the retailers. Considering the work that you will no longer have to make and the time saved, I really believe that it worth every penny.


This is an app easy to install and use. It will help you save money, you never thought you could save and you will also save time.Even if this is not a mobile app but it is mobile friendly.

After all, if you register your email address and add your bank account you do not need to check it. You will remember of it when you will receive notification of your earnings.

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