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Ways of Damaging Your Hair

Aura S
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When you are talking about beauty, you should not forget any detail that might ruin your appearance. Having a well-styled hair is women’ goal each day. A bad hair day is something that no woman will like. This is one of the reasons we always pay allot of attention to our hair and how to style it so our hairstyle will improve our outfit no matter the moment of the day.

Due to this type of activity we might not be aware of how much damage can we produce to our own hair. This is the reason why in the following rows of this article we will talk about what and how we are damaging our hair each day without even knowing it. Thanks to this information, you might also learn how to keep it healthy and shiny.

Where these mistakes can lead?

You will be unpleasantly surprised to find out that almost all hairstyling products that you usually use can damage your hair and if you use them daily, you might end up with a very dry and shapeless type of hair. In time, things can become even more unpleasant because you might notice that you start losing your hair. Some people experience losing their hair until they get bold spots.

For a woman this is something more than unpleasant. The same things happen when it comes about men. No matter the gender, the situation can be just as unpleasant and it can add little bit more stress into your life. Some people can even develop depression due to these situations.

How can you prevent such situation? All you have to do is learn what are you doing wrong and change your habits. Our hair can regenerate. Even if you ruin it, this does not mean that it will remain like this forever. You can help it to help you.

What is ruining it and how can you prevent this from happening?

You will notice from the following affirmations that not only the styling products can damage the hair.

First, let’s start with the way we usually clean our hair.  You must know how to choose your shampoo. As we have different skin types we also have different types of hair and also our scalps issues can differ from one person to another. After we established if we have dry hair, damaged hair, greasy hair or normal type of hair, you can now buy a proper shampoo.

To clean it properly is another thing that you must know what to do. A bigger amount of shampoo will not keep it clean longer than usual. In fact it might charge it and it might become more difficult to rinse it. Because we reached the rinse topic, you should know that we should let the water flow along the hair’ length without rubbing it. Like that, you will avoid breaking your hair.

Another thing people might not do, because they do not have enough time is to apply a conditioner. It is very important to do that at each bath. With the products you can find on the market these days, the conditioners do not require more than minutes of your time. This means that there is no real reason for you to forget about conditioners.

What about the way you dry it?

This topic raised many debated in time. What is OK to do? We should let it dry on its own or we should use a hair drier. If it is so damaging for our hair to use hair dryers why were they invented? One thing that you should consider is what you do right before drying it. Most people dry it partially with the towel. This is another way of breaking it. You should let the towel absorb the moist, after that, remove the towel, and let it dry on its own. This can be done if you have the time.

The worst choice will be to sleep with the towel on your head or to sleep with your hair all wet. The possibility of breaking it and allow germs and bacteria to develop is quite big. If you do not have the necessary time to allow your hair to dry on its own you can use a hair dryer as long you don’t choose the highest temperature or speed to do it. You will dehydrate your hair in no time. Also brushing your hair while it is wet, it is far from being a good idea. You should do it when it is almost dried or dried completely.

This is also available when it comes about styling it. Never style your hair when it is completely wet. Wet hair in contact with hot hair irons will burn it. I have personally seen viral where young women tried to show some complicated hairstyle and remained without their hair in matter of seconds during the styling process.

Styling products/ hairstyles

We all want to preserve our hairstyle all day long. This is one of the reasons, why we choose the long-lasting hold hairstyle products. They are extremely popular. Are they any good? This is very good question because it seems that they are not. Yes, your hairstyle might last longer than others might, but in the end, your hair will lose its health, natural shine, and strength. Is this what you want?

The ponytails and the buns can be a fast way to arrange your hair but are they the safest ones as well? As long you do not pull your hair and you do not strangle it too tight these types of hairstyles can be an option. Otherwise, you might break it and you won’t allow it to breathe.

Hair extensions and wigs can save you in some situations but if you do it all the time, both your hair and scalp will suffer drastic changes. These are solutions just for emergencies.

Hair dyes

What about the hair dye? Everyone is using it no matter the age. Young people, teenagers and elder people try all kinds of different shades and colors. Some people choose drastic changes of colors. This is the worst scenario because a drastic change might also involve using highly toxic products. When you do not have white hair you do not need to dye it but if you do, try to choose the no ammonia hair dyes. These products might not be as effective when you have many white hairs. In this situation, you should not repeat the dying process too often. If you need to cover your roots, then you should apply hair dye only on them.


These are just a few examples of how you can damage your hair and how to avoid doing that. If you have hair issues and you change your habits into proper ones but you still do not see any type of improvements, then you should see a dermatologist.  A healthy hair will not need too much styling because it will arrange itself. Styling it might be required when you participate to some event and not every day.

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