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Wellness holidays

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Wellness holidays

How to plan a vacation?

At a first view, when you think about health and holiday you think that these are 2 terms which cannot be mix. Actually, if you take a closer look you will see that these 2 things have lots in common! First of all, what is causing illness and disease is the same factor which makes you say:’’ Enough! I am taking some days off!’’ And this factor has a single a little name: STRESS! When people decide to go on a spontaneous holiday it’s because they just cannot take it anymore and because it’s time to rest. Studies have shown that being spontaneous makes you happy and improves your mood and your health’s condition!

In regards to vacations, you shouldn’t focus only on having fun; you should also think about what makes you healthier! When you decided that it’s time to take care of yourself, more than you normally do; you did a first step towards an improved health’s condition! Only the thought that you will be away from everything for some days it can make you feel better! Healthy holidays are focused on taking care of your body and of your health’s condition. And once you decided to go away on this kind of trip, you must choose the best resort, where you will find it all: amazing new places, spas, amazing services, detoxification sessions, yoga, fitness and sports, relaxation and many other things which will help you to lose stress and to recharge your batteries. The stress is one of the major causes for most awful diseases- it can even provoke tumors, which in the end will cause death!

It is OK to work a lot, especially if you are the active type of person, but it’s even better that from time to time to take some days off in order to recharge your batteries and to take care of yourself! Not everybody is blessed to be his/ her own boss- some of us work a lot in order to get on top or in order to reach the targets they decided it’s time to reach! But you cannot be in charge of the situation all the time and by doing many things in the same time you can lose control- and then you must start over again! For this type of situations and not only, healthy holidays were invented.

Now, what exactly are these holidays? The definition is easy: the healthy holidays are those periods (if you can have many) or that period of the year when you get disconnected from everything and you completely relax! Choosing the best healthy holiday means that you are aware of the importance of refreshing your body inside and outside, that you know the importance of staying healthy on the long term, that you cherish your state of health and that you are really interested in protecting your body against noxious factors which can harm it. In addition to have the best healthy holiday, here are some tips:

You must decide what is your best destination: think about what place on Earth you desired to visit and why? What exactly has as an attraction in order to make you say: Yes, I totally want to go there and I will! Your ambition and your determination will help you to get where you always dreamed to get! Healthy holidays destinations can be in exotic places, near the beach, or in places where your body can get the adrenalin that it needs in order to lose stress- in the mountains for example! Destinations like luxurious resorts in Fiji Islands, Mauritius Islands, Bora Bora, Bali, Thailand in general or places from the Middle East, are just few examples where you can go and have a great time for you and for your body.

India, is another place where you can relax and learn a lot about their culture and wat traditions do they have in order to be happy and healthy! Machu-Picchu is another great place where you can climb mountains, fill your body with adrenaline and positive attitude and meditate. All you see are those great places and by meditating you become one with the human Nature and like this it’s impossible not to gain the right mood! Alcohol and drugs will never make you dream and feel better, like meditation does!

Think about what would you like to do in these type of holidays? Because you can have both: fun and health. If you are interested in getting disconnected from everybody and from every single thing which requests you, some time spent at the spa or in a resort where you can take care of your body, would be the best option. Here you start by resting- we all know the importance of sleep on our body; how does it relax our body entirely and how we recharge batteries the easy way!

Then you will be able to have a complete detoxification session. It’s true that our body detoxifies anyway, by sweating and by eliminating toxins found inside our body; so, it’s a natural process which happens anyway, but there are times when you need to provide your body what’s best in order to give you the right feedback! This means that if you can have a complete detoxification cure, go for it. Based on natural juices or diets, your body will eliminate noxious factors which harms it and toxins which makes it not to work the right way! In a healthy holiday, you will get the proper diet which will assure your body it’s daily needed energy dosage, but which will also eliminate what is toxic inside your body and what is causing the weight gain or what makes you feel sick!

A detoxification plan should be compound of vitamins, minerals and oligo-elements which assures your daily energy dosage and which takes care of your body inside and out. This means that after a detoxification session you should eliminate noxious elements, toxins, extra pounds (or at least you should have done the first step towards all these) and you should feel better (thing which will happen during a healthy holiday). These natural juices and diets should be made of fresh fruits and fresh vegetables- at least 80 percent of the day you should drink and eat fresh fruits (bananas, kiwi, berries, limes, lemons, grapefruits, oranges, pomegranate, watermelon, apples, melon, pineapple, cherries, plums etc.) and fresh vegetables (tomatoes, carrot, celery, ginger, beet etc.). Once a day you should have a rich meal made of steamed or grilled foods, made of salmon or white meat only, a natural yoghourt, lots of water and Green Tea.

It is extremely important what you eat! Because affects your health directly and it’s up to you if this affection happens in a good way or in a bad way! And in a healthy holiday you will get each hour a natural juice in order to detoxify your body and also in order to avoid that hungriness sensation. Your stomach will always be full and you will have that sensation of satiety, so you will no longer feel like you should eat something, because these natural juices will assure your body its necessary in order to be in the right shape!

After such a cure you will lose weight, you will have eliminated toxins, and you will feel better! Along with detoxification sessions you will receive also massages- some time spent at the spa, never hurt nobody! So, this is more than indicated! Your health need the right attention inside and outside- so your organism on the inside must be healthy, but also your skin should be in the right shape! Skin’s masks will clean your entire figure of dead cells, will refresh your tissue, will hydrate your body and when you will touch your skin you will feel it smooth and delicate! According to your skin type you will get the right treatment. Sessions of massages with abrasive ingredients like brown sugar or salty minerals are just some examples of what you can get in this kind of trip!

Sports and exercise are other steps which can help you destress your body and which you will get in a healthy holiday. It is known that toxins and extra pounds are lost with sports and fitness and it is known too, the good made of sports for your body and organism. It starts with your brain and end with your appearance.

This means that sports clear your mind and reshapes your body, in the end giving you that figure you always dreamed to have! Pilates, fitness, cardio etc. all these will clean up your body inside and out and their effects will be seen in no time! Meditation, goes hand to hand with positive thinking and by practicing sports you will also boost your capacity of being more relaxed and of thinking about only nice things.

Your body will destress completely and your mind will be clearer! In this way your capacity of staying focused and concentrated will be higher and after this kind of healthy holiday you will feel energized inside and out (thing which will be seen on the outside, simply because effects will be seen on the outside).

Imagine how great it is to have for 2 weeks a program based on your well-being! This means that you will wake up in the morning, you will start your day with a nice breakfast a healthy and rich one, you will have your day filled with natural juices received each hour, you will practice sports, you will meditate, you will relax in these amazing places that you will be (near the beach or in the mountains- the location is your choice), you will go at the spa for a great massage where your entire body will be taken care of, you will relax some more, you will lose weight, you will lose stress and at the end of this holiday you will be a brand new person.

Focusing on yourself will help you to gain confidence, to feel better about yourself, to have an improved mood; actually, this kind of healthy holidays will make you feel better about your entire life, because during this holiday you will find yourself (who you really are- this means that your minds taken care of for the better), you will find what your true priorities in life are (you will meditate and after a holiday like this you will have the power to change things in your like for the better- this means that your heart will be taken care of), you will embrace a brand new lifestyle (you will be thought what to eat and when, what to avoid and what to include in your new diet- so digestion is taken care of), you will lose massive weight (body reshaping happens anyway because you will eliminate toxins and harmful factors which make you gain weight), by practicing sports you will energize your body inside and outside and you will relax completely due to massages that you will have as long as you will have this holiday! Healthy holidays mean taken care of your skin, your digestion, your organs, your heart, your brain, your entire body!

The plus added to your life is enormous and the benefits seen and felt due to this holiday is bigger than you ever imagined! A holiday where you can find yourself again and where you can lose stress for sure, will always be the best option than spending a holiday in parties all the time! And this type of vacation can be done alone, or with your best friend or with your friends, with your hubby or mate- the conclusion is the same: you will lose weight and stress and you will gain health! Health in enormous quantities because your entire lifestyle will change and you will feel better about that for sure! So, opt for investing in your health and in the entire refreshing of your body!

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Wellness holidays
In regards to vacations, you shouldn’t focus only on having fun; you should also think about what makes you healthier! When you decided that it’s time to take care of yourself, more than you normally do; you did a first step towards an improved health’s condition! Only the thought that you will be away from everything for some days it can make you feel better! Healthy holidays are focused on taking care of your body and of your health’s condition.
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