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What exactly does a healthy holiday mean?

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What exactly does a healthy holiday mean?

For most people is quite simple: sports and relaxation! But how about a healthy holiday where you can have more than just going to the gym or to massages. How about a perfect destination, where you can chill and relax, where you can get to lose noxious factors like stress, which have a bad influence all over your body and all over your life?! Isn’t the beach or the mountains amazing? You can have your healthy holiday there and you can cure your body of stress due to yoga and de-stress sessions held in Nature.

The human nature has given us a lot and it would be a shame not to take advantage of it, in a good manner and for our own good! Daily spa treatment, essential oil massages, fitness, Pilates, cosmetic therapy are just few things that you can have during your healthy holiday. What will result from all this? You will get to feel better, you will get to look better, you will get to enjoy every second of your relaxation time, you will get to lose stress and to learn how can you control it and this result? It is not just for the moment, you will have it on the long term! Because you will learn how to continue stress management at home too, you will learn how to have a good nutrition and how can you continue your daily trainings. You will lose weight, you will reshape your body and most of all you will lose stress.

Most people say that from their holiday they came back with extra pounds. Now depends on the holiday! Because you will have the best treatment ever. And the main focus will be on your health: not to eat up all you can, but to eliminate noxious toxins, stress or noxious factors which are causing stress and weight gain! Your nutrition will be backed up by a detoxification plan- based on squeezed or blended natural juices: fresh vegetables and fresh fruits! Each step that you will take in this healthy holiday is important and you should take advantage of it, for your own good. Actually, when you sign up a healthy holiday the only thought that you should have in mind, is your own good! So, here is what a wellness holiday can look like:

Choose your destination: imagine that great place you always wanted to visit and sign up now for a healthy holiday there: Dubai, Thailand, Italy, Spain, France, Brazil etc. All these amazing destinations (and not only them) have resorts where you can find your tranquility and where you can get back your calm! You will be able to visit new places or the place you always wanted and you will be able to have a great time too. You can make new friends and you can gather nice memories. In fact, who would avoid some nice time spent on the beach or in the mountains doing activities that you like or that you might find interesting, like yoga, Reiki, fitness?

Choose your best program: now here come a huge dilemma! And it is a dilemma simply because you have many options, so you can choose from a lot. Spa, fitness and sports, relaxation based on yoga sessions and stress management classes, weight loss program or healthy nutrition programs, detoxification plans. All of them depend on you, on your best interest and most of all on what you need! A complete detoxification of your body? A weight loss program? Stress management classes? Learn how to think positive? Massages etc.?

Everything that you need, you can find in these healthy holidays programs and the result will be amazing. This is not just a promise; this is what will really happen! And you will love it and you will enjoy the feeling that you will have during these procedures and at the end of this holiday! And once you decided to opt for this type of holiday, you will never spend your holidays the way you used to spend it.  Choose the extra activities that you would like to do during your holiday. You might think that going at the gym, eating healthy or having massages of all kind, can be boring! Well, you can have interesting activities too, like: mountain biking, diving or any other adventurous sports that you might like!

The time spent in a luxurious resort, where you will have everything that you need at your discretion, is incomparable with what you get during an average holiday. Where, exactly, what do you do? You just go by the bitch, hang out in clubs, and when you come back home you are even more tired than you were when you left, for your holiday. This is why the best choice is to go in a place where you can recharge your batteries, where you can relax completely, where you have fun too; opt for something you haven’t done before! Make a change that eventually will make a difference in your life: in the way you feel, in the way you look like, in your perceptions about life and lifestyle, you will start a brand new lifestyle and your entire health’s condition will be improved and increased (which is a huge plus, since today so many noxious factors put in risk and in danger your health).

Not many people are aware of the importance of such holidays and of the importance of taking care of their health, but those who are testify how great they feel, how much their lifestyle has changed and how amazing do they feel now and after the procedures that they had during their holiday and that they will never go back to their old dailies, simply because after such holiday they can’t! After you embrace a brand new lifestyle you will ask yourself: how could you lived so many years with bad habits that so much harmed your health! At a wide view you will think that a healthy lifestyle is based only on other type of nutrition, on gymnastics and sports and on relaxation.

Actually, this is the solid base of each healthy holiday program, where you get to start a new diet (based on healthy foods and healthy drinks, no fried foods, no sugar or extra salt, no white rice or processed foods and drinks; olive oil only, white meat only, natural juices), which is the main frame of your brand new lifestyle! You will understand that is essential to eat healthy, after a deep check up in regards to your immune system, in regards to your inside organs and most of all, in regards to your entire body (at the beginning of this healthy holiday, all your systems will be checked in order to find out what needs to be treated and what should you avoid to stay healthy on the long term).

You must confess that, each time you saw on TV commercial to these types of holidays, only by seeing those amazing exotic places, you wanted to be there, without being aware of the fact that those people who go in a healthy holiday, they go to treat affections or to learn how to stay healthy on the long term. Stress is number one cause for most diseases and for a chaotic lifestyle (not to mention what a stressful job does to your health and how is reflected on your relationship with other people (family, friends or strangers)); during your holiday you will learn how to manage things and how to keep stressful situations away from your personal life and how can you stop it to influence your lifestyle!

The stress management classes will help you to relax more, will help you think positive and this is a huge plus added to your lifestyle, because when you will return home you will be another person: more calm, more relax, who looks better and most of all, who feels better. Each step of this holiday is depending on what you will do next. During your holiday you will learn how to lose stress, how to eat healthy, how to eliminate toxins from inside your body and also from outside your body due to the complete detoxification that you will be submitted to, you will practice sports (tennis, swimming, golf, jogging etc.), you will meditate (with each Yoga course you will attract positive energy and the well-being in your life and you will lose stress too) and at the end of the program you will feel amazing! Now, you will no longer have to dream about the vacations that you see on TV, because you have the change to have it too!

Just choose your destination and your best program. This will be the best investment that you will do in your life, because you will invest in yourself and in your well-being. After all the stress you have been through, you need some time off and you need to relax some more. You need to spend time with yourself to understand better what and who is worth in your life, who and what really makes a difference and how can you develop as a human being (thing, which at home, you will never be able to accomplish). Just think about the great time that you need to spend far away from home; just think about the huge increase that you will add to your health, and in the end what is even worth than being and staying healthy?

You need to focus on your own good and on your health and the only way to do it is by taking this opportunity, which has appeared in your life and which so much good will bring to your lifestyle. Actually, it will change your lifestyle completely! And if you take a close look to your lifestyle (what you eat, what you drink, what you do daily, how you handle stress and toxic relationships etc.) you need such vacation. You might think that you do everything correctly and if you have a basic routine without much stress than you are on the right track. But this does not mean that you do not need relaxation and some time spent just with yourself in order to invest in your well-being! People need some time off and the best way to have it is by having a vacation; but their health will improve and its rate will increase only with these healthy holidays.

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What exactly does a healthy holiday mean?
For most people is quite simple: sports and relaxation! But how about a healthy holiday where you can have more than just going to the gym or to massages. How about a perfect destination, where you can chill and relax, where you can get to lose noxious factors like stress, which have a bad influence all over your body and all over your life?! Isn’t the beach or the mountains amazing? You can have your healthy holiday there and you can cure your body of stress due to yoga and de-stress sessions held in Nature.
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