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What To Drink in the Morning, Coffee or Cacao?

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How can you start a day without a cup of coffee? This is the most common question coffee addicts might have in their minds. You may eliminate other vices from your life but why should we eliminate coffee. When you do not have it or smell it, you cannot even get up from the bed. How could you go through with your daily task without it? The following article I will try to reveal for you a few information related to an alternative to coffee. Is this possible? Well it seems that it is or at least after reading the rows bellow you might consider a small change in your life. After this introduction, I am ready to develop the topic so you can draw your own conclusions.

What is this magic alternative?

This is about cacao. You should not confuse cacao wit cocoa. They might seem identical things but they are not. Cacao is the unprocessed product. Considering that it was not submitted to any processing procedure, such as highly temperatures exposure, cacao preserves all its properties. This means that you can really benefit of all its ingredients, which seem to be amazing for your health.

Is this alternative better than coffee?

What can be better than coffee. This is normal question and most people will answer that nothing can. The truth is that cacao gains many points in front of coffee. We all know that coffee can give us the proper energy level for a few hours. If you drink more coffees during the day the effect turns against us. You might start feeling more tired than you were before. The coffee abuse might increase our blood pressure level, our heart might function in an improper manner, you might not be able to rest and also your stomach can become irritated. This is not something you want to happen but you can’t still live without your dark cup of coffee.

What is cocoa doing for you? It is able to offer you the needed energy without having second side effects. The effect will be immediate. Due to its wide content of flavonoids, which are known as the best antioxidants possible, it can improve your health status if you decide to replace the morning coffee with cacao.  Thanks to your high energy level, you will be able to focus better and your mood will no longer be altered.

Other benefits cacao can bring into your life

In the following rows, I will try to enumerate a few things related to the benefits cacao can bring to your health.  Due to its antioxidants content, it is able to decrease the free radicals effects. Besides antioxidants cacao contains lots of vitamins and minerals such as zinc, cooper, potassium, magnesium or calcium. It is able to help your brain to work better in your favor.

Your blood flow will be improved and the probability of having a stroke or heart attack could be considerably decreased. If you discovered that your organism is insulin resistance and that it does not allow this hormone to do its job, all you have to do is switch coffee for cacao. It can help you from this point of view as well. Your cells will no longer age as fast as they usually do. Your blood pressure will be decreased and your vital organs will receive the needed oxygen so they can function properly.

Is it as easy to prepare as coffee is?

After all the benefits from above were mentioned, the next question in your head is how to prepare it? Another question is where should I buy it? It can easily be found in regular stores. The most common and known cacao product is chocolate cacao powder. If you pour a cup of hot water and add to it a couple of cacao tablespoons will be enough. Just as in coffee’ case sugar or milk can reduce from its properties so it is recommended not to do it. The best way to prepare it is to boil it a few seconds. You can also add things like cinnamon or other types of spices if this is how you like it. You are free to experiment anything you want until you decide how you like to have it.

Tips on how you can choose the best types of cacao powder

As in coffee’ situation there is a wide variety of cacao powder products all over the market. You must search for a trustworthy provider so you can assure yourself that you are drinking the best type of cacao. After finding a reliable provider, the next thing you should do is choose the product with a high level of fat. The cacao’ fat has the best natural ingredients in it so you should choose it with no worries that you will gain weight or anything.

You must be aware that some of the products from the market might contain additives. This is not a good choice so you should check the label before buying it.

Is it coffee that bad?

I cannot say that. We all know that coffee has its own properties that make it really appreciated.  Beside the fact that it can offer us energy boost each morning it also contains lost of antioxidants. The key is not to overdo it. The good effects can become bad in matter of seconds and it is known that it creates an addiction when it is drunk in wide quantities.


After all, these things being said, I believe who won the battle. Cacao seems to be the best choice possible. All you have to do is try it so you can convince yourself of its benefits. You should not expect miracles from the first cup, even if you might notice them. After a while you won’t imagine how you can start your day without it.

Just remember that you must go only for high quality products, unprocessed and with no additives added. In addition, you should forget about sugar, which is far from being good for your health, or milk.

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What To Drink in the Morning, Coffee or Cacao?
How can you start a day without a cup of coffee? This is the most common question coffee addicts might have in their minds. You may eliminate other vices from your life but why should we eliminate coffee. When you do not have it or smell it, you cannot even get up from the bed.
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