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What We Should Know About Metformin

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When it comes medicines many people may want to know more about their utility. There are other people who might not trust medicines at all. They think that it is a marketing strategy launched by the pharmaceutical brands from this industry so they can preserve us ill instead of restoring our health. No matter in which theory you may believe you may be interested in finding out more about a certain type of medicine.

Namely, you may want to know more about Metformin. You may have heard of it but you may not know exactly what its utility for humans’ behalf may be. In case you are interested in this specific topic, then you should continue you reading. You may learn that medicines are not always bad.

What is Metformin?

First of all you should know, that Metformin is the main substance used in this drug composition. It can be found on the market under different names, according with the brand that releases it on the market. If you see on the pharmacy shelves something called Fortamet, Riomet or Glucophage then you should know that this is about Metformin.

The main use of Metformin is when we are talking about Diabetes type II. Usually when this disease first emerges, this medicine is prescribed. It is not the only drug you will be prescribed to take, even if in some situations it can do a good job on its own.

How it works?

You may already know that when you are diabetic, you have problems with the inability of your body to release the needed insulin. This means that if you ingest sugars your body will not be able to process them and your blood sugar will increase considerably. This medicine will help you along with other drugs to metabolize these sugars better so your blood sugar will remain at normal levels. A great effect of this drug is that it makes your cells more receptive to insulin. It can constantly decrease the level of sugars in your blood and this helps your liver allot.

You may have heard about gestational diabetes. Some women seem to be diagnosed with this illness when they are pregnant. It seems that this drug can be used to prevent this diagnose to ever be established. What you should know, however, is that when you talk about the diabetes type I, this drug has no use, because your body does not produce insulin at all. This means that this drug cannot increase anything and it cannot replace the lack of insulin either.

Another use of this drug is when you suffer of polycystic syndrome. It can also establish a normal level of testosterone just as it equilibrates the insulin level.

How Metfromin should be taken

It is very important to follow the instructions received from your doctor. It seems that if this drug is taking in an improper manner, its effects can be reduced to none or reversed. This means that it can increase the sugar level and stop helping your body to produce the needed insulin. You can find this drug as pills or in a liquid form. There are also different types of Metformin pills, the regular ones and the ones with progressive release.

While the first ones must be taken three times per days at every main meal, the other two, namely the progressive release pills and the liquid form can be taken only one time per day. Usually you will not receive a full dosage from the beginning of the treatment. The doctors consider that it should be introduced gradually. Your stomach must learn step by step how to process it so you will not experience aggressive diarrhea episodes.

Some people may think that once they start feeling better they should stop taking it. You must remember that no one discovered the cure for diabetes yet, so you should not consider yourself cured just because you do not feel ill anymore. You must consult your doctor and ask for his opinion if it is safe for you to stop taking your Metformin treatment or not.

There are people who may not even remember to take these pills on time. Well it should not happen but in case it does, then you should not take an overdose. If the time for the next dose is yet to come, then you should wait until that hour and follow the treatment as you should. If the next dose should be taken after a considerable period then you can take the forgotten dose and after that take the next one at the established hour. It will be preferable not to forget but things like this can happen to anyone.

These drugs can help a lot but the main priority for a person who has diabetes is to change his or hers life style. Otherwise no drug can replace a healthy nutrition. Beside the nutrition, the physical exercises are a must so you can improve your health. For an ill person this can be a difficult issue but not an impossible one. Either way, if you plan to start working your body more than you usually do or you want to change your eating habits you should do it under medical supervision as well. Like that you will be properly monitored so nothing wrong will happen to you.

Side effects of Metformin

As any other drug, Metformin has also its own side effects. One of them was already mentioned. You will be experience some stomach issues. In case of improper dosage you may suffer of diarrhea, constipation or intestinal gases. That depends on how your body reacts. Beside the stomach disorders, you can also suffer of heartburns, rashes or headaches. These side effects are rarely encountered but it also depends on how your body reacts and also on the dosages taken. It can also cause more serious side effects, which may indicate an allergy to this drug. These side effects such as chest pains, should be immediately reported and you should be put immediately under medical supervision.

As you can see, as any other drug it can do good and bad. Considering that it is usually used for such a serious illness nothing should be taken without a medical prescription. Over dosage and allergic reactions can damage your health even more than it already is.

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