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What We Should Know About Onion

Aura S
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The interest for people’ nutrition increased quite much over the years. We are not only interested in what we eat but we want to know more about the qualities of the recommended foods. We all know that vegetables and fruits are very healthy types of foods and that our organism needs them but we also want to know how they can bring all these benefits for us. What they may contain, is one of the main questions in our heads.

How our body reacts and why some people may not feel that great after eating them are other two important questions for us. This article is about onion. Some people love it but others just hate it. In the following rows of this article you can discover all the good things onion can give us but also who should not consume it too much or not at all. If you are interested, all you have to do is continue your reading.

The benefits of onion

Many people are completely against eating this vegetable. They do not like its taste or its smell. They also say that it makes them cry. Other people, I personally know a few, eat raw onion as they eat apples. One thing is for sure. Once you will find out more about this small treasure that most people have in their kitchens many people will stop being bothered by its smell or its taste.

Onions can be a great asset even when they are cooked. In case you like spending time in your kitchen, you know that any dish can have a great taste just by adding the proper quantity of onion inside it. If you want an advice, you should not peel too much the onion. Every part of it is filled with nutrients and vitamins.

It seems that the onion, along with garlic, is considered a great natural antibiotic. It helps your body to fight against all kinds of diseases, because it can absorb all the germs from inside and from outside as well. Because it has this specific property, you should use the onion immediately after you peel it. It can absorb the germs from the environment as well so it should not be used if it was peeled and left in various areas for a few hours or even days.

Besides fighting against germs, it also has other properties that can improve your health. It is a great sedative. How many times, after eating onion, you felt the need to sleep a bit. It has no side effects as all the sedatives from the pharmacies have, so it can be of a great help. It is also a great digestive. It can balance your digestive system so it will function at its best capacity. You can say good-bye to constipation and bloating syndrome just by consuming this vegetable.

As it was mentioned earlier it also has allot of vitamins and minerals. If it is not overcooked, it can preserve these nutrients and add a plus to our nutrition. It is a very important source of vitamin A, B, C, iron, potassium and it contains a wide amount of fibers. Due to these vitamins previously enumerated, you will have a stronger immunity system, a better skin, a functional metabolism and stronger muscles. It is also able to reduce the cholesterol level to its normal level, which will bring only benefits to your heart and blood flow.

If there are people who worry too much about their weight, this will never be an issue. 100 grams of onion can barely reach 40 calories. Other substances that are more than useful for our organism are quercetin, that can be found in the onion peel, sulfur or chrome. If quercetin can prevent the appearance of blood clots, the sulfur is the perfect weapon against liver illnesses. Chrome is a very important ingredient that our body needs to become more responsive to insulin.

Onion is also good for healing the outside wounds not only the inside ones. In case you suffer of cuperosis, you can make a mixture of onion juice with olive oil and apply it as a mask on your skin. It can make wonders. Also, the onion is used for many other skin treatments due to its wonderful effects.

Side effects of onion

When it comes about side effects, there are some people who may not be allowed to consume too much onion or any onion. For example, the persons who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, who may have gastritis or colitis can introduce onion into their nutrition gradually in small quantities so their organism will learn how to deal with it. Some studies mention that a wide consumption of onion may cause tachycardia if you already have heart issues. Also if you suffer of serious illnesses such as liver illnesses, kidney illnesses, stomach issues or pancreas diseases you are not recommended to eat onion. Personally, I do not know if these studies were properly made or if you are completely forbidden to eat onion. The best thing you can do if you suffer of any of the diseases mentioned earlier is to request a medical advice. Like that, you will eliminate any doubt from your mind.


It seems that onion can be a real treasure for most people. You should not avoid consuming it. No matter if you eat it or you use it for other external issues, it can improve your health status quite much. You might remember your parents or your grandparents who used onion teas or mixtures to scare the flu away. This is perfect when you are not allowed to ingest regular pills because you may be pregnant. If you worry about its smell, there are solutions to eliminate it quite fast. You can chew a bit of parsley or a few pieces of orange peel and the smell will vanish and you can go on socializing.

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