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Effective Ways to Whiten Your Teeth

Diane Luke
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The Internet is full of all sorts of helpful tips on how to whiten your teeth effortlessly with all sorts of traditional methods. Here are some effective ways to whiten your teeth and keep them beautiful.

If you are afraid of dentists, or you do not have enough material resources or time, then whitening the teeth at home is what you need.


Why do teeth lose glow?

The color of the teeth depends on its composition and structure and the thickness of each tissue it is made of.

Over the years, both external and internal factors make their mark on the color of their teeth, yellowing them.

External causes include coffee, carbonated and colored drinks, cola, tobacco, red wine, or highly pigmented foods, poor hygiene, dental plaque and tartar, and aging.

Internal causes may be genetic inheritance, excessive fluoride intake during teeth formation (from birth to five years of age), giving them a faint look, antibiotic treatments during tooth formation, dental trauma, and so on.

However, before you get on with it, it’s better to see a specialist. This, in addition to showing you how to bleach your teeth correctly, will help you choose the most optimal and harmless method.

Ways to whiten your teeth – Professional methods

The first method is to apply a device (similar to that used by boxers to protect their teeth during fights) from a soft, hypoallergenic plastic that can be ordered from a dentist or purchased from pharmacies.

The device is filled with bleaching gel with a solution of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide.

It can be worn on teeth for several hours at a time or even all night, depending on the sensitivity of the teeth. The result will be enjoyed no sooner than two weeks, but in smokers cases the results may occur later. However, the effect is persistent.

The disadvantage of this method is the destruction of enamel, irritation of the gums, and increased teeth sensitivity. In order to avoid unpleasant consequences, choose a gel with a peroxide content of no more than 3%.

Adhesive tapes are special bands with a bleach substance, which must be glued to the teeth. The method is not very comfortable, but it’s certainly more convenient than the one before. The disadvantage of the method is that the gums of between the teeth can bleed.

Bleaching gel should be applied with a brush. As it cools down, it should stay on the teeth until it dissolves completely by coming into contact with saliva. For a visible result, it takes no less than two weeks.

Whitening sticks come in the form of a tube that resembles an regular lipstick. The solution is applied to the teeth with a special brush and is removed after five minutes. The method will work if you want to remove local stains of wine, cigarettes, or coffee. This kind of gel does not handle the removal of more serious stains or more obvious pigmentation.

Whitening toothpaste could be the easiest and most affordable way to have an irresistible smile. But do not rush to the first teeth whitening toothpaste. The most common are chalk or bicarbonate pastes, in other words, based on abrasive that does not bleach, but simply removes the plaque on the dental surface. Therefore, their regular use can raise the level of teeth sensitivity.

Another type of teeth whitening paste is the professional whitening toothpaste, which is based on chemical agents and be bought from dentists or specialized pharmacies.

This toothpaste breaks down the protein structure of plaques and pigments and do not affect the enamel. It is recommended to use these toothpastes for not more than a month, then continue to brush using a regular toothpaste.

Whiten your teeth – DIY methods

Methods to whiten your teeth at home may be working for some but may not always give permanent results.

Brushing with resin may reduce pigmentation. The resin composition includes potassium hydroxide compounds. That is, they solve the problem of yellowish teeth. The resin can be used in pure or mixed form with toothpaste. Adverse effects may include thinner enamel, increased dental sensitivity, and bleeding gums.

Strawberries are also a very effective natural method for whitening teeth. Wipe your teeth with this fruits, rinse your mouth with fresh strawberry juice, or make a paste of strawberries and clean your teeth with it.

A slight teeth whitening is achieved due to natural strawberry acids.

Sodium bicarbonate and hydrogen peroxide mixture is considered the best teeth whitening solution do apply at home. However, sodium bicarbonate and peroxide abuse leads to the destruction of enamel and can have a negative impact on the gums.

Therefore, you should use this mixture no more then twice a week. Avoid ingesting the mixture.


For a quicker effect, alternate several methods. Do not experiment with ash, sand, activated charcoal, or other products of this kind. They destroy the enamel faster then other whitening methods.

Household procedures only help if you have a slight pigmentation. With the pigmentation that appeared as a result of antibiotics or disease you can only fight with the aid of a specialist.

Doctors do not recommend people who have cavities or paradentosis to whiten their teeth. First of all, teeth should be treated. Also, patients who wear dental crowns, pregnant women and children under the age of 16 are urged to refrain from bleaching procedures.

Also, quit smoking because nicotine results in brown spots that are hard to remove because it penetrates the enamel. Wash your teeth or rinse your mouth with water whenever you drink tea, coffee and red wine, or eat red fruits such as currants, cherries, or blackberries. These change the color and natural glow of the teeth.

Try to eat more apples, celery, or carrots, as they help eliminate tooth plaque by accelerating the production of saliva.

All the ways to whiten your teeth should be tried with caution since they can cause damage to the enamel. The whitening results of such methods is not guaranteed for every person but it should work if persistence is shown and the exact frequency is respected.

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Effective Ways to Whiten Your Teeth
The Internet is full of all sorts of helpful tips on how to whiten your teeth effortlessly with all sorts of traditional methods. Here are some effective ways to whiten your teeth and keep them beautiful.
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