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Who is Michel Comte?

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who is michel comte

Many celebrities are seen as untouchable people. Many of us do not consider them to be as we are. They are different in every way. This is one of the reasons why they become models for us.

Everyone wants to dress like them, look like them and have all the things that they have. Some people love them and others hate them. Some of these celebrities are used with this thing and others dislike this situation from the bottom of their hearts. Not all successful people are in front of the camera or visible for the public eye.
In the following rows of this article I will talk about a certain person, who even if he is not as known as other movie stars or fashion models he might be just as famous as they are and with his pockets just as loaded as theirs.
This is about a famous photographer that will amaze you by being as normal just as any other person. If you are interested you should continue your reading session.

About Michel Comte

Since the nineties Michel is known Comte as one of the most successful photographers in the fashion industry. Every important magazine in the industry requested his services with regularity. Any famous model wanted to work with him. All of us heard about Kate Moss or Cindy Crawford and other models just as beautiful as these ones. You will not be surprised to hear that he was the one who took pictures of them and that most all these pictures were posted in magazines such as Vogue or Vanity Fair.

As you can imagine, such successful person also gained wide amounts of money. What can you possible do with so much money? What could you possible want more from life? You will be surprised to find out that such people might want something else from life. Such a person doesn’t want to stay forever in the middle of the crowed. They might need a break sometimes. This type of job gave Michel Comte the freedom most of us do not have and above all the material things it also gave him great satisfactions.
He took advantage of all the benefits brought by his job and got involved in many social assignments and also tried through his work to draw the people’ attention to the facts that happen in the real world such as wars, poverty and all the things that comes along with them. He invested time and money to improve people’ lives and he participated and even organized fundraising campaigns in order to build hospitals and to help the victims of various conflicts or natural disasters.

He does all these things without any payment. You might wonder why. He already answered this question. The satisfaction that you can have when you can offer to those in need a small part of what you have cannot be compared with anything. It makes you feel complete and that you finally have a purpose in your life. He also gets involved in such charity events because he needs to get away from the crowed and the agitated life that he usually lives surrounded by all those models and other famous people.
Everything started when he met his wife. I do not know if she was an inspiration for him or not but since then he started to see his job as an art and not as a simple job. Not too many people know that he had a dreadful eye accident and that his vision was affected quite much.

Michel Comte
(Michel Comte)
Job Title
Fashion Photographer

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