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Who is Michel Comte?

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who is michel comte

This never stopped him to remain a great photographer and his work was even greater than it was before. After his accident, his wife was his best support. They worked together and they accomplished new things together. He even declared that he never enjoyed the fashion world as other people might imagine. He really found his calling after he left this hectic world filled with celebrities and found better satisfactions in the charity assignments than when he took pictures of famous models. For him it was a step forward and he saw this change as a great evolution.
He also said that things were not easy from him. He was known everywhere as a fashion photographer and it is very difficult to release yourself of the labels posted by others. It is difficult to convince people that you can do other things as well. After his accident another label was settled for him. Such an accident is seen as the end of a successful career. He wanted to prove otherwise and he did, but it took great efforts, passion and patience.
He focused his attention to nature and he captured in his photos the beauty of it, the disasters caused by people and many other details related to this subject. He had many exhibitions that enjoyed a great success and impressed the public. All his efforts and his entire passion can be seen in his work.


There are hundreds of things and even thousands of things to say about this incredible man, who succeeded to change his life and use his skills and natural gift to change this world. He puts all the necessary efforts to help people open their eyes as long it is still possible and heal the wounds of the world, the wounds that we created.

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Michel Comte
(Michel Comte)
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Fashion Photographer

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