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WiFiBlast Range Extender – Is it a Scam?

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There was something quite “interesting” about the fact that the device’s photos showed just a one-touch set-up button. However, there was no mention about it in the video.

Customer support didn’t help that much, as I decided to hang up after waiting 11 whole minutes.

Once the set-up is complete, the WiFiBlast should be ready to extend your signal. Not much info is offered on the website about how far it sends it, but here’s what they say:

  • you get increased WiFi coverage in bigger houses or those that have a dead spots
  • it will bust your existing network range
  • it will even boost your existing signal and make it stronger

As far as I found online through my research, there’s a general trait these devices have. Such signal extenders are not meant to speed up your internet, but to simply send the existing one farther.

For instance, if you have a 75 Mbps speed, an extender could only speed up your signal up to this exact value. It cannot, by any means, turn this speed into 300 Mbps one.

They say that internet provider companies are basically trying to limit your internet in such ways that can benefit them. And so, their WiFiBlast device can help you solve this issue.

Can WiFiBlast Range Extender stop the Internet companies’ scams?

Many talk about the fact that most Internet providers aim to scam you with limiting somehow your internet speed. This is actually what the WiFiBlast news-style story was highlighting.

It seems that for every, let’s say, 75 Mbps you pay for, internet providers will split it in two channels. Moreover, you’ll only have access to just one of them.

Their goal is to make you turn to an upgraded internet speed, as far as some online articles state. I wanted to go deeper into this matter and I found some quite interesting opinions.

For instance, Gizmodo, this popular tech web site, has a very fun way of explaining things. David Neal, one of their reporters, compares router channels with the lanes on a freeway.

Therefore, your devices are like the cars that travel in those lanes.

A better speed is achieved if there are more non-overlapping channels that your router provides. This is how more individual lanes your device will be able to access. Neal also adds that this happens without them interfering with each other.

Best Buy Geek Squad Department had quite the interesting reaction once they heard what WiFiBlast Range Expander claims about their device’s features.

In fact, one of their representatives stated that such a thing should never be done.

And this is not all! An AT&T store manager agreed that some internet providers do turn to this split channel method, but it’s because they offer wireless hot spots.

This means, as he continued to explain, that one channel is meant to be used only by you and the other is available for other people, who would like to access your internet connection. This is possible, of course, only if they’d be in your router’s area range.

What I found really interesting was that, as this AT&T store manager said, you can indeed access both channels. However, this is only possible if other people are not using half your signal for a hotspot.

And this is what confirmed my doubts.

It seems that what WiFiBlast claimed, that their device can unblock that second channel, is not entirely true. Actually, what it does is it unlocks it for everyone and it doesn’t matter what device or router they are using.

WiFiBlast price

The price range their website offers sounds interesting. The more devices that you buy, the less money you will spend. So if you buy one WiFiBlast, you’ll pay $39.95.

Prices go up with $30 with each other device you get. So if you want to get one for yourself and three more for your closed ones, you’ll pay $129.99.

So four devices purchased means that one router costs $32.50 that is $17.50 cheaper than the option of buying one single WiFiBlast.

The web site claims that you get a 90-day guarantee and if you don’t like, for any reason at all, you can send it back. You’ll get all your money back, except the amount you pay for the shipping when you return it.

You can ask any questions you have by contacting them either through email, or you can call them at (833)394-6516. I dare to wish you “Good luck with that!”, as I didn’t had much when I tried to contact them.

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