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WiFiBlast Range Extender – Is it a Scam?

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wifiblast range extender review

What WiFiBlast users have to say?

By the time this review was published, I only found three opinions coming from people that already used this extender. What they all had in common was the single star rating they gave it.

In fact, they wouldn’t recommend it to a friend.

Most complaints revolved around the fact that, even they bought a new WiFiBlast, the device didn’t worked as it was advertised. Moreover, they also experienced some issues when they asked for a refund.

For instance, one of them was luckier then the others, but he only got back half of what he initially paid for it. On the opposite side, another one sent back the router, but he never heard back from them.

How is WiFiBlast Range Extender any different?

If you do a quick research online, you can find other similar devices. For instance, I found on Amazon two similar routers that claim to offer the same features as the WiFiBlast.

Netgear Ex2700 costs $24.50 and has 3.9 stars from 40,394 reviews. The other one I found is called TP-Link N300 and you’d pay for it $16.99. However, this one has only 3.8 stars from 15,680 reviews.

Both of these devices come from popular brands that earned their respect on the market for merchandising qualitative products. Similar to the WiFiBlast device, these two also provide a 300 Mbps internet speed.

The aspect that makes TP-Link better is that is offers the option of a one-touch connection to your router. This is way better than going through a whole process of setting it up either through your phone, tablet, or desktop computer.

Therefore all you need to do is press the “WPS” button on your router and then press the same one on the device. This should connect it immediately.

All these and other online reviews make TP-Link be the head of our list of such devices. It has a way simpler set-up process and the price is almost half of what you’d have to spend for one single WiFiBlast extender.


Hopefully this review helped you in the process of deciding whether WiFiBlast is worth your money or not. I consider it to excel in the pricing area. If you buy four devices, that is.

This should be a good option for somebody living in a big house. Paying $129.99 is less expensive than most other options you can find on Amazon.

It’s really not advisable to go for one WiFiBlast device because you can easily find cheaper options from better brands, like TP-Link.

Also, another liability is that the whole process of setting it up may take hours because WiFiBlast Range Extender doesn’t come with a one-touch setup. So don’t get fooled by the photos that show you such a set up option.

In the end, it is all on you to decide which type of device serves your needs best.

However, you should keep in mind some tips we’ve gathered for you:

  • any average router has the capacity to reach about 100 to 150 feet
  • the way the signal travels is highly dependent on walls and other barriers
  • usually you should get a one-year warranty option

Anyway you put it, it is extremely important to do your own research before deciding to buy such a device. Read as many reviews you can find and only then make your choice. As far as WiFiBlast is concerned, I only found a limited number of reviews online.

However, maybe WiFiBlast Range Extender could do the job for you. It is all on the space you intend to use it.

And if you do get the chance to try it, maybe you can spread the word. Many people would really appreciate it.

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