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Winter season – let’s jog

Aura S
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winter season lets jog

Are there no risks?

When it comes about physical exercises I am all for it. The problem is that not all people can expose themselves to such efforts. I always say and repeat that too much is never a good thing. You should always keep a strong relationship with your current doctor. There might be people who cannot practice physical exercises as others do. The main reason is their health status. Some chronic diseases and other health issues might prevent that. I have no intention to expose anyone to any risk. This is the main reason why I will talk about risks as well.
All the jogging benefits mentioned earlier are for real but they apply for healthy subjects. If you have some chronic disease such as diabetes, or high blood pressure or heart disorders then you should not expose yourself to great physical efforts especially if they are made outside in a cold weather. Such people cannot endure cold weather as healthy people can. Also if you have certain vices such as smoking or drinking, you should request a medical checkup before you decide to follow my advice to go outside and workout your body.
You should keep yourself hydrated. I know that during winter you do not feel thirsty as fast as in the hot summer days. Even so, you will still sweat and dehydrate yourself after making physical workouts. So you should never forget to drink plenty of water.
Another thing that people might not consider is the impact that cold weather can have on your skin. Even if sunscreen creams are highly recommended when the sun rays burn, this does not mean that during winter the UV rays cannot harm you as well. The best way to avoid that is by covering your skin or by using those sunscreen lotions during winter as well. In fact the refection of the sun in the snow can increase the effects of the UV rays on us.
Some people might think that the best way to dress when you work your body out in the cold season is with thick and warm clothes. This is not a very good idea. If you sweat too much, when you finally stop your workouts that sweat might freeze on you and getting sick becomes a probability.


As I already said too much is not good at all, so you should not overdo with your clothing as well. Not too dressed but not too undressed either is the best option possible.

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Winter season – let’s jog
When it is warm and pleasant outside, you are not afraid to practice sport activities outdoors. In fact this is a real pleasure. It is one of the cheapest and healthiest ways to preserve yourself fit and to release yourself of all the stress accumulated during a day.
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