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Women Are Attracted to Beards

Aura S
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When it comes about women’s preferences related to men there are many debates. Some of them prefer blonde-haired people, others will love to have besides them a tall, strong and dark-haired men. You cannot set a trend related to this topic. Lately I saw many men with beards worldwide. It seems that they are more appealing for women. Is this true? If it is, the next question may be, why.

In the following rows of this article, you will be able to discover some theories that should explain what women find so attractive when it comes about beards. You may think that no one can ever know what is in a woman’ head. You are not too wrong but not completely right either. Anyway, if you are interested about this topic, you may find a few details quite interesting about women and men with beards.


As you may know, fashion has many things to say about what we should wear and how we should look like. No matter if it is about our clothes or about our hair, or in this case men facial hair, fashion is the one who dictates the most. As I was mentioning earlier, these days you can see men with beards all over the place. It was a usual aspect for bikers or rough men, but these days young men decide to wear beards no matter their beliefs or occupations. There are all kinds of beards. You can see light beards, dense beards, stylish beards and curly beards, long or short beards. No matter the choice, it seems that many women appreciate them. The question is, how much they like such men and why.

Why do men choose to wear beards?

Excluding the trend reasons that were mentioned above there are other reasons why men will prefer to wear beards. My grandfather will say that it is a sign of laziness. For some of them it might be so. It is much more comfortable not shaving every morning. Imagine how you will feel to remove your body hair every day. It can become a real torment.

When it comes about stylish beards, you cannot say that those men are lazy. They do it on purpose and you can be sure that they pay allot of attention when they do it so they will not look ridiculous after styling their beards. Usually these men are searching for the sexy look. Some of them, most of them, really succeed.

This does not mean that men with dense beards are automatically lazy. They just like to look rough and protective. They feel like their Neanderthal beards make them more men than others. They are closer to their origins and to their ancestors. They can be scary and imposing. One reason that I heard recently, is that it makes them look thinner. I personally disagree with that. No matter how big is your beard, your belly can still be seen. Also, young teenagers, adopt such look, because they can appear much more mature than they really are. The important thing when it comes about beards is to wear it only if you really think it represents you. If you try to be something that you are not, sooner or later will be noticed and you will be ridiculed instead of being admired.

Why women prefer beards?

Lately, because of the new trend appearance, you may not be able to choose something else. If you can convince your partner to keep his face clean and shiny, you can offer the tip to other women who may not like facial hair at all.

Even so, many women really like beards. There are many reasons for that. In their vision a man with beard, especially if they have a dense beard, are more reliable. They inspire a man who wants a long-term relationship and who is willing to settle down. They are also attracted of their rough appearance, because it inspires protection.

When you see a big, tall and rough man with a beard all over his face, who melts in front of a baby, you certainly find that moment the most heart melting moment that you have ever seen.

Men’ facial and body hair inspires virility. The sexual attraction towards these men is bigger. Even if some women may say that they hate when they are tickled by their partners’ beards, most of them are quite turned on. This is a reality. Besides that, it is pretty sweet when you see a small an fragile woman next to a guy who looks like her bodyguard.


No matter the reason, why you may choose to allow your beard to grow, you should take good care of it. Like any other part of your body, it should be washed and cleaned and sometimes it should be cut. No woman in this world will like to kiss a person whose beard smells like garbage or as an ashtray. It does make you look older than you really are, so you should think very well before taking a decision related to this aspect.

If you get tired of it, you must consider as well when the perfect time to take it off is. If you have this revelation during summer, when your face already has a brownie tan, taking off your beard will be a very wrong choice. You will pray for it to grow back as fast as possible. If you decide to grow a beard just to attract more women, you should think twice. It may not suit you and you may not attract the type of women according with your intentions.


Women are indeed attracted to beards, for various reasons. Even so, you should not change your personality and physical appearance for no one but yourself. Remember to keep you facial hair as clean as possible and also keep in mind the pros and cons related to this major change. It is in fact a major change. You will look much differently than people are used to see you.

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