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Why do Women Cheat – How to Prevent it

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Why do Women Cheat – How to Prevent it

It is said that men are cheating because of their nature but in reality, nowadays, women cheat more than men, reveals a recent survey conducted by a British company quoted by ThirdAge. Keep reading to find out why do women cheat and how to prevent it.

The Study

Of the 3,000 respondents, over 20% of women admitted that they were infidels.

Another poll conducted by AskMen.com supports this trend, as 5% of women have admitted they have cheated their partners, in comparison with only 3% of the men respondents.

Psychologists Gail Saltz and Kelly Wallace have tried to discover the reasons behind this rise in female infidelity. Although loneliness and the desire to feel appreciated are usually the main reasons that cause women to cheat their partner, the experts have discovered four other surprising reasons why women are infidels.

Why do women cheat?

The aforementioned psychologists explained the surprising reasons.


A woman who has been deceived can also turn to revenge her husband.

‘If he cheats her, the wife may not even want to sleep with someone else, but she thinks that’s the only way she’ll make him feel a pain similar to what she has felt,’ says Kelly Wallace.

If the only purpose of a woman is to hurt her partner, infidelity is, of course, a sure path to success. Specialists say men are not as empathic as women, so they usually can not feel as much pain if they are not caused directly and personally.

But if women try to repair their relationship or heal their frenzied heart, revenge by infidelity will not even balance the balance.

‘Once her husband cheated, she would still feel guilty. The family and relationship will be destroyed and everyone will pay the price of revenge,’ the psychologist continued.

They want to be caught

Women in relationships or unhappy marriages can use infidelity as a way to get rid of long-term relationships that work bad.

Psychologists call this an extramarital exit.

‘There are extremely unhappy women in marriage, especially married mothers, who would feel too guilty if they were the ones that would say <Goodbye!>. So they want to have a reason,’ says Wallace.

Because men do not forgive infidelity with ease, it is almost certain that they will break the relationship, thus taking on the wife’s shoulders the guilt of destroying the family.

In addition, an extra-marital relationship gives women the certainty that they will not be alone after their marriage breaks down.

‘The woman goes into an extra-marital relation to have where to go when her marriage will eventually fall apart. It’s the next step for her,’ says Saltz.

They relive their past

When the relationship is going through a difficult period, the woman can appeal to a former boyfriend for consolation.

‘Sometimes browsing the pages of the ex-lovers contact book can be an easy way for a woman to find a sex partner that will temporarily make her feel better,’ says Seth Meyers, a relationship psychologist.

Often this kind of infidelity is not related to the renewal of the feelings for the former boyfriend, but to her desire to be again the woman who was in the time of her relationship with that ex-lover.

‘Returning to youthful times makes her feel alive, younger, worry-free, sexier, and more appealing,’ say the psychologists.

She re-analyzes her life as a result of a trauma

Experiences at the boundary between life and death are not always binder for the couple.

Women who have experienced a trauma that has changed their lives from the foundation (whether it’s an accident or a disease) can begin to re-analyze their lives until that moment and to make choices with other eyes. Some will start looking a new partner.

‘When you watch the death in the eye and survive, you start to question everything – your job, your friends, your marriage,’ says Wallace.

‘If they have a new chance to life, some women cheat their life partners to feel that they live every moment at its most, especially if their life partner did not support them and have not joined them during the bad experience,’ continues the psychologist.


It is the most common reason for cheating. Sex is real important for women, too, not only for men.

We are all mammals, so the sexual desire is equal for both genders.

In consequence, women who are rejected by their partners will tend to feel unattractive and will try to change this feeling. Most of the time, women who are neglected by their partners will turn to cheat them just to feel again attractive, sexy, and young.

How to prevent it?

Surprise her

Women love surprises and gifts. It doesn’t have to be something expensive or important. Small romantic gestures are the most appreciated ones.

Put your imagination at work.

Do not neglect her

Women needs their men attention.

A hug or a kiss can show how much you’re appreciating her. Women don’t need much of attention but want to feel like they are in the center of attention of their partners.

Thus, next time when you get home from work and your wife waits you, hug her, kiss her, and ask her how was her day. Listen to her, communicate with her, and you’ll be good.

Keep her safe

Women want to feel safe. Men are supposed to offer them security and romance, in the same time. However, we’re not talking here about financial security of physical protection. With some exceptions, of course, women are not to be kept with money or with an over-protective behavior.

Take a good look at the most of the rich men and their wives. Do you really see them happy? They are caught in a vicious circle of money, fame, and family reputation and some of them choose not to step out of it.

However, they are cheating their husbands as much as their husbands are cheating them, and all these are visible when looking at how many marriages are really rich people counting.

Don’t forget about sex

A woman needs sex as much as a man does. When sex becomes rare, the relationship breaks down day-by-day until it will be totally terminated.

For both women and men, to avoid this try to spice up the intimate moments of life. I know it could be difficult when having kids or when working a lot daily, but sex should be present frequent.

Communicate with her

Another common reason for cheating is the lack of communication in the couple.

To avoid unpleasant events, talk with your wife, listen to her, ask for her opinion, see what would she like you to change. Also, all these should be reciprocal.

Communication is the key of success in any relationship.

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Why do Women Cheat - How to Prevent it
It is said that men are cheating because of their nature but in reality, nowadays, women cheat more than men, reveals a recent survey conducted by a British company quoted by ThirdAge. Keep reading to find out why do women cheat and how to prevent it.
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