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Why Women Prefer Beards

Diane Luke
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At first glance, it seems to be a thing of personal preference or fashion. However, science suggests that the environment we live in greatly influences our view about facial hair. Why women prefer beards? Let’s find out.

Are beards so attractive?

A study published in ‘Biology Letters’ shows black on white that women prefer beards.

More precisely, they are attracted to unmarried men, who have left their beard grow to the will, when the gentlemen around them display predominantly a fresh or freshly shaven look.

Similarly, a fine cheek, passed under the razor blade, becomes preferable if everywhere you look, you only see rebels.

The research, conducted by a team at the University of New South Wales (Sydney, Australia), reveals that these traits become desirable in feminine eyes when they come out of the ordinary and are a rarity.

Specifically, the specialists made a survey involving 1,400 women, praised to appreciate the sex appeal of men who were first photographed shaved, then with a beard that had just begun to grow, medium and long lasting. When the series of pictures were dominated by pictures with impeccably shaved men, women voted these now as more sexy than those in which gentlemen wore their facial adornments, and vice versa.

Interestingly enough, however, the beard came out triumphant, being more appealing than a teenager’s cheek.

This hypothesis is supported by previous studies. A poll published in ‘Evolution and Human Behavior’ has revealed that ladies are more attracted by bearded men – more precisely, with a 10-day old beard.

This is because they are perceived as more masculine, harder, more aggressive, which increases their chances of being chosen as partners for a physical or romantic relationship.

Moreover, it seems that men displaying a long and well-groomed beard appear in the eyes of women as better fathers, more protective, and more involved in family life.

So, if you were thinking of getting your beard down, hoping you’d become more eligible, leave the razor blade aside – facial hair can turn you into a superhero.

Why Women Prefer Beards? Another study shows us

Another study, now conducted by Queensland University and New South Wales University in Australia, attended by 8,520 heterosexual women, revealed that beautiful sex representatives see the bearded men as reliable, responsible, and trustworthy couple partners, suited for long-term relationships.

They were asked to note how appealingly each of the 16 men they admired in all the pictures, some beardless, five-day-bearded, ten-day-bearded, or four weeks-bearded.

Women were then asked to say if the men would be interesting for a long or short-term relationship.

In terms of the degree of attraction, women considered ten-day bearded men to be the most appealing, followed by five-day-old beards and four weeks beards men, while the last were the men who had no facial hair.

In terms of interest in the long-term or short-term relationship, women considered four-week-old beards more attractive for a serious relationship than for an adventure.

Another aspect of the research was that beautiful sex representatives, who usually prefer men with more feminine traits, feel attracted to men with very masculine traits if they have a beard.

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Why Women Prefer Beards
At first glance, it seems to be a thing of personal preference or fashion. However, science suggests that the environment we live in greatly influences our view about facial hair. Why women prefer beards? Let's find out.
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