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Women’s health issues and acupuncture – Does it work?

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When it comes about our health, nothing should be more important than that. At least this is the way it should be for most people. The problem is when you face some disturbing health issues, only the idea of going to a doctor and follow an invasive treatment makes you back off. The alternative treatments are not so trustworthy, but there is something, that it is recommended by regular doctors as well, even if it can be included in the alternative-medicine branch. I am talking about acupuncture.

In the following rows of this article, you will be able to read more about how acupuncture works, pros and cons and how helpful it can be for women issues. This article, it is about women’ health problems and how they can be solved through acupuncture. If you are interested about this specific topic, then you should continue your reading.

What is the acupuncture technique?

The theory on which acupuncture is based on is that through our body circles a wave of energy also known as Chi or as the energy of life. Once the energy is blocked in certain points, your body becomes ill. The humans were not made to be ill. This is the reason why, you must unblock your Chi so the body can heal itself. Some people, who may be named nonbelievers, may consider these types of therapies a placebo type of therapy. As you may already guessed this types of therapies emerged in China thousands of years ago.

I believe in such therapies, especially because I consider that the Chinese are much more developed and civilized than we are. Europeans were afraid of water and they did not have floors inside their homes, while for the Asian people preserved an impeccable hygiene level, and this is just a small example.

The acupuncture, even if it is accepted by allopath doctors, the way it functions cannot be completely explained. The thing is that it certainly works, but nobody can explain exactly how it can give such fast and good results. Many people worldwide tried it to treat their illnesses and dysfunctions and they were pleased with the results. The acupuncture gained its popularity worldwide.

Some doctors try to give a more logical explanation, by saying that through those small pins the blood flow is increased in the affected areas and this is the way the ill organs becomes to function properly. Also they consider that through those pins certain nerves are stimulated as well.

You will need more than just one session. Usually you must follow such therapy at least two times per week, a few weeks on a row so the therapy would give the necessary results. Most people are using these therapies when they are experiencing certain pains I different areas of their bodies.

Women health’ issues solved by acupuncture

Many women experience certain health disorders that can create a high level of discomfort. One of these problems can be the urinary infections. Most women experienced such problems at least once in their lives. It becomes a real problem when the infections come back quite often even if the patients followed the prescribed treatment. It seems that acupuncture can solve these issues as well.

The therapists say that these problems usually show up when the kidney energy is blocked. They also name these infections the wet and cold illnesses or the wet and hot illnesses according with the description made by the patient. The Chinese medicine concentrates in treating the root of the problem. Like that, the recurrence will no longer be an issue.

The menstrual problems are another thing of most women complain about. Usually the monthly cycle should come in regularly basis, it should not last longer than 5 days, and it should not be too disturbing. The menstrual pains are far from being normal. A gynecologist will usually recommend to its patients to take birth control pills. You will also notice that in many cases they do work, but after you will stop taking them your old menstrual problems will show up again as they never disappeared.

Besides that, the birth control pills can have certain side effects of which you may not be aware of and not everyone is allowed to use them. It seems that acupuncture can help you with this problem as well. Things like irregular cycle, the lack of cycle, painful cycle, too short or too long cycle periods, or small bleedings between your cycles can be treated by acupuncture therapies. The effects last and the treatment is not invasive at all. You will not suffer during these therapies at all.

Another very important problem, women may experience in their lives is infertility. It is one of the most painful topics for many of them. A woman who wants to have a baby will try everything and she tried it already everything for sure. The acupuncture therapies may offer them a great chance to conceive a new life.

Based on the way these therapies work, as it was described above, stimulating your hormones such as endorphins and increasing your blood flow in specific areas can only do you good. You will not ingest extra hormones, you will stimulate your own hormones. If your infertility issues are caused by different infections, the acupuncture can be of a real help. This does not mean that you should completely forget about the allopath medicine. Most doctors will recommend you to try them both in parallel. Like that, you may obtain faster results.

Acupuncture Pros and Cons

You may be interested now to find out more about the pros and cons related to these therapies. The pro arguments are quite clear for you but I will enumerate them one more time. Acupuncture can bring many benefits such as safety, complementary treatment for at least over 20 illnesses, more and more available worldwide, better pain control especially if you are not a fan of pain relief pills, less secondary effects or none.

Which the cons arguments may be? When it comes about the safety part, you must assure yourself that you go to an authorized center. You must make sure that the pins are sterilized properly. Other thing that may be very important is to confide in the therapist and tell him if you suffer of certain diseases such as blood coagulation disorders. You should not forget, however, that such therapies are highly recommended but not as an only treatment. You should not give up the allopath treatments and follow only acupuncture therapies especially if you suffer of very serious, chronic illnesses.

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