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Wonki Wands Reviews | About, Prices, Pros and Cons

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wonki wands review

About Wonki Wands

The Wonki Wands is the new bubble making toy that can make the largest bubbles imaginable. Bubbles as wide as 4 feet and 40 feet in length are hilarious to play with and you can create them using the Wonki Wands.

The Wonki Wands are so enjoyable. In a unique solution, immerse the wand and instantaneously, it will be blowing bubbles like you have never seen before.

You can create large bubbles, wonki-shaped bubbles and super giant bubbles. You can also burst bubbles within another bubble. Wonki Wands is guaranteed to provide fun for the entire family from age 5, for a period of play that everybody would like to have.

What Wonki Wands creators claim

Wonki Wands will certainly be a lot of fun to play around with! They are perfect for birthdays, holiday games, family parties or whenever you would like to have a good time.

Popping bubbles is half the fun; bursting bubbles is equally enjoyable.

Children like to play with them and their parents enjoy to watch them run around after those big bubbles. Wonki Wands are available in four colors: green, pink, blue and purple.

With each purchase order there is enough condensed solution to produce several hundred bubbles. Have lots of laughs creating the largest bubble imaginable with Wonki Wands.

Wonki Wands prices

This pricing was retrieved from the As-Seen-on-TV ad site that was discontinued because the Wonki Wand was disrupted. Wonki Wands are still on sale at eBay or Amazon.

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