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Working at a corporation these days

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Working at a Corporation These Days
Working at a Corporation These DaysStartup Stock Photos

How is it to work in a corporation?

When you have an important job you seem to be fulfilled. Most people see you with other eyes. Some of them look at you with envy. You may feel proud of you when you have your moments of glory and when you are in the middle of everyone’ attention but sometime s you do not feel this way. Even if you have an important job, a dream house, and a dream car you know that all these are just illusions.

Not only once I have seen poor people with average jobs but with enough time to spend with their families much more happier than a career person surrounded by all the luxury possible. In the following rows of this article, we will talk about how it feels working at a big company also named corporation. Which are the benefits and the minuses of working in such place. We will also discuss how your spare time can be affected if you work in such big corporation. All these things placed in balance will make you understand if all this effort worth something or not.

All the things that will be written here, are not meant to scare you or to convince you that working at a corporation is a bad thing. You will be able to read the pros and cons related to this subject and make this choice easier for you. People are different. Their dreams and hopes regarding their careers, and personal lives are different as well. So, this is not an article created to convince you of something. It is an article, that might even make you wish to work in such a place.

Let’s start with the good points. You can be sure that there are not few. They are quite many. For a person passionate about his job, working at a big corporation is a dream come true. If you apply to work in such big company just for the big salary you must not even think about it. Of course, everyone knows that big corporation offer salaries much bigger than average but this involves allot of work.

If you search for a job where you go so you can have from where to leave, you better forget about corporations. Here people are hired so they can develop in time the results and accomplishments of the company. This is the reason why they are not small companies but corporations.

Benefits of working in a corporation

The good thing is that the managers of such companies really care about their employees, they understand that the business cannot grow up if they do not allow their employees to grow up as well. They support people with new ideas, they really appreciate if you spend hours to work, even from home, to bring them profit.

They are interested in keeping people who love their jobs and they reward them each time they are able too. For such people not only the monthly paycheck is important but also the recognition of their work. This is the feeling that most people wants to feel, namely to be useful for something. This is what you seek at home and at work. Sometimes a handshake and a public recognition of your successes can make you feel better than a big salary.

After reading this, you may wonder why not all the people who works at a corporation are happy. Some people accept these types of jobs because they have to, due to their monthly debts. These people will only think about that. They will care more about satisfying other people needs and how to put bread on the table and how to make their families proud but not all the time their work is satisfying for them as well.

They end up working much more than they can handle just for money. They will completely forget how is it to work for pleasure. Because of that, they will no longer obtain the results that their bosses expect them to obtain. They will not be thrown out, at least not right away, but they will become the ,,good for everything” employee, a  necessity but not an asset. You will find many people like this, working at a corporation.

Besides that, such person may allow his work to affect his health. Working hours after hours, just to obtain financial benefits so they can accomplish other peoples’ dreams is maybe the most frustrating situation these people may have to face.

Take care of your health

This is how depression can be installed, heart diseases may appear and blood pressure level can be deranged. In such situations, such employees may not be able to socialize with their other colleagues anymore, they will shut themselves out from the exterior world. This syndrome can also be named burnout syndrome. If you realize that this is happening and you seek for help, you may be recommended to change your lifestyle. This may also mean to stop working at such place where obviously you can’t face the level of stress.

What you should understand is that stress appears usually when you don’t really like what you are doing. Not just because you are under the pressure of deadlines that you cannot accomplish, but because you must do something you are not that good at and you don’t even like. You suffer of lack of ideas, lack of inspiration because the work itself does not inspire you.

Even if, maybe at the beginning you considered that working at such big company is exactly what you want and what you need so you can survive in this world, you choose it for the wrong reasons. Even if this job offers you the possibility to fit in inside our society and be appreciated by others and admired for your success, you don’t really give a dam about all these things.

How to chose the right job for you?

This is the reason why, you should pick wisely when you choose a job like this. Yes, it can be very satisfying for you. Usually at such big companies you will find managers and directors that will respect you for your work, but if these are not your main interests you should search for other options. If some people can feel useful creating programs or teaching others how to do it, your satisfaction may be somewhere else. Maybe your satisfaction is to build something, or to grow plants.

Even if the financial issues make us make the wrong choices, money is not everything. Life is far too short to settle with something that we are not meant to be.

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