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Yecup 365 Reviews

Aura S
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Starting your morning with a hot coffee cup is a must for many of us. Some people could not start their day otherwise. Sometimes you might not have the necessary time to drink your coffee in the comfort of your home and you will take it with you or you will buy one on the road. This is how “coffee” to go term appeared and became so popular.

The problem is that once you take it you should also drink it because it will get cold and its flavor will be lost. This is not just a bout coffee. Your hot chocolate if it is not hot it will not be attractive at all. Also, when you want your natural juice to remain fresh and cold, once you pour it into a mug during the day it might not be as cold and tasteful as it should be. In this situation you should find a solution.

In the following rows of this article I will discuss about one of the innovations in this filed, namely the Yecup 365. If it is the best solution for you or not it stands only in your power to decide after reading what I have to say about it.

What is Yecup 365?

As its name suggests, it is a cup but not a regular one. Usually to solve the problem described above people use thermos mugs. The thermos mugs might encounter some problems such as unwanted leakages, the liquid inside after a while will turn cold or warm after a while no matter what and their size might be an issue as well.

The Yecup 365 is a high technology device. It could be also called a smart mug. If you browse over the internet, you will see that its design it is quite unique. Some people might say that it looks like a tube or like a deodorant. It is specially made so it will fit any car mug support so you will not worry about its size anymore. Its producers claim that it is able to preserve the perfect temperatures for your drink.

If you want to preserve it hot or cold, you could easily check that out just by looking at its temperature sensor. It not only preserves them as you want, but it could also heat the beverage or cools it just as you might please. How is this possible?

How does Yecup 365 work?

As I already said, it is a smart device. It is gifted with batteries that could be easily charged in a wall socket. It has a logo on it that functions as a temperature sensor that will notify you if your beverage is cold or hot. To make your Yecup 365 heat up or cool off your drink all you have to so is to install on your mobile phone the dedicated app. You will have the possibility to set the exact temperature that you desire.

This means that if your drink is cold and you want it to be heated you can do it from your mobile phone. It will not happen in matter of seconds but you will no longer lose time to heat up your drink on regular ways. You will be able to do your other chores and you will be alerted when your drink is ready for you.

When it comes about the leakages issue, you will no longer have to worry about that either. The manufacturers of this device say that nothing like that will happen anymore. In fact, if you look at the device design you will easily see that this is true. This mug can be taken anywhere you might want. It can also be charged in your vehicle if you must face a long drive. As you can see, it is a smart device.

Does it worth?

The costs for such mug might reach around 160$. Many people will consider it quite expensive and it is. One thing that I did not mention in the description of the device is that you could also charge your mug wirelessly. How is this possible? It is gifted with Bluetooth antenna, which will allow you to charge it this way. When you buy the package, you will also receive the wireless charging dock.

Even so, people will still consider it too expensive and no matter how helpful it might seem to be and how tempted you might be to buy such device, I cannot tell you if you will recover your money in time. You will save time and you will gain some comfort but is this enough?


This intelligent device was created for all the people who need a hot cup of coffee or a cold beverage at any hour of the day. It is a device that tries to keep track of the technology development. It could be useful for many reasons and its design, even if it might look a bit strange it is quite elegant and stylish. It is the perfect choice no matter in which season you might be.

In fact this is the way it is presented as ,,Your All Season Smart Mug” (if you watch the commercial). Still, the price remains quite high. This is the only impediment that I could find. This is the reason why, I have said at the beginning of this article, that it is your decision to buy such device or not.

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