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Yeehaw Printer Review

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yeehaw printer review

Have you ever thought technology will advance so much? Two years ago, one of the most ingenious inventions for children was launched. Yeehaw printer is not an ordinary printer, but one that can create 3D figurines.

About YeeHaw printer

As I said, this printer is specially created for admirers of action movies created specifically for inventive kids who want a action figurine. Do you want to have a figurine with Batman, Superman, Aquaman or any other? Now you can print it out 3D to play with it anytime. This printer has won 2 awards so far, the Red Star Design Award and the Red Dot Design Award.

One of the most important elements of this printer is its simplicity.

If your child is an admirer of action figurines and want to buy a birthday present or a special occasion, this printer can be the perfect gift for him. The Yeehaw printer created by Indiegogo is totally awesome, they say they created it with the thought of being extremely safe for children.

Indeed, this printer has some sensors that when they detect movement inside will automatically stop, a thing designed to protect children in case they will stick their fingers inside while the printer is working. Besides this, it has a door that will isolate the toy inside the printer. In addition, all items used to create toys inside this printer are totally non-toxic.

The Yeehaw printer also has an app that can be downloaded on smartphones. This app contains over 2,000 toys and ready-to-print figurines. Besides, you can create your own toys, there is no need to choose one of those 2,000 toys. Create the one that you desire with Yaheew Printer.

Since it is an extremely intelligent printer, you do not have to do anything to adjust it or set it up, all you have to do is choose your desired toy to print.

The Yeehaw printer comes with a light system, these lights helping users realize what’s going on with the printer very easily:

  • White – everything is normal
  • Blue – The printer is connected to the internet
  • Orange – The printer gets warm
  • Green – The printer updates
  • Red – It’s abnormal
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