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Yeehaw Printer Review

Alex C
Senior Editor, TipsHire
yeehaw printer review


  • The application has some problems, and it stops while the printer is working
  • The screen goes into stand-by at some point, the light shutting itself
  • While creating a toy, some drawings will be offset
  • There are many other cheaper and better printers on the market than this one

Being compared to other similar 3D printers, this is a quality one, and much easier to use than others. If you’re tired of spending money every time you go shopping and your child sees a beautiful toy, this printer can help you a lot. Being a top 3D printer, it was built in such a way that it does not have even one toxic element in its entire structure. This is easy to use, all you have to do is download the application to Android or iOS and build your own favorite toy or choose one of the 2,000 models already prepared


In my opinion, the Yaheew printer deserves to be bought. It would be a perfect gift for children, especially if they are inventive. All we wanted for once to create a new hero and give him a special name, this can be done now with Yaheew printer. With both advantages and disadvantages, the printer does its job very well, it has some flaws, but it gets updated annually, which is a very important thing because the malfunctions can be easily repaired. It’s all about software, the ones at Indiegogo are working hard to update this printer all the time.

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