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Yoga Becoming More Popular With Kids

Diane Luke
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Yoga practice has gained strong momentum in the last 20 years and no wonder because its health benefits are enormous. Increased flexibility, power, strength, and endurance are just a few qualities that are enjoyed by the persistent practitioners. What’s more interesting than anything is that yoga is more popular with kids.

Maintaining a consistent and constant practice leads to results far beyond the physical plane.

Yoga Benefits

Yoga is like an exercise of mind and body that combines stretching exercises with controlled breathing and relaxation. Most health benefits of Yoga refers to the considerable decrease of the effects of the stress, blood pressure reduction, and heart function improvement.

Generally speaking, Yoga is considered a complementary alternative medicine practice, that meets the principles of physical and mental discipline to achieve a harmonious general condition.

The Yoga beneficial effects are:

  • Reduction and control of anxiety. Yoga practice includes breathing exercises to help reduce and control the anxiety states, and as has been scientifically proven.
  • Increasing attention. Increased attention should be focused during Asana and breathing exercises help yoga practitioners to gain more attention and good concentration.
  • Amplification of inner calmness. Yoga requires accurate focusing during postural and breathing exercises, which helps the practitioner to remain calm. Meditation techniques used often during daily practice also helps to gain a state of inner calm.
  • The increase of concentration. Scientific researchers have shown that practitioners develop concentration skills.
  • Curing depression. Yoga helps to cure depression in many ways but especially because Yoga calms down and confer its practitioners with an elevated state of their psychic.
  • Elimination of hostility and anger. Yoga is recommended by doctors worldwide to mitigate hostility and anger. It is believed that an increase in the understanding and awareness of your positive qualities, which appear in regular yoga practice help you eliminating hostility and anger.
  • The improvement of memory. Yoga increases blood flow harmoniously, which improves memory.
  • Develop mind-to-body connection. Yoga practice helps to develop this connection, which very few other exercises can do. Yogis who made a regular practice enjoy the benefits of this connection with calm, serenity, inner peace, and an expansion of consciousness that is greatly amplified.
  • Offering a positive vision. A regular and consistent yoga practice helps to balance hormones and many other physical and mental processes, thereby helping practitioners to transform their vision about the life in a positive and profound way.
  • The self-acceptance. By focusing on the inner universe, and not on the outside one, practitioners are more able to enjoy their own being because of the self-acceptance.
  • Social skills. Yoga teachings on life help practitioners to deepen the connections with all the forms of life, especially with those very close to them, such as friends, family, and colleagues. This can be particularly helpful for people with developmental disabilities, such as autistic people.
  • Reduces stress. Yoga requires intense focus on the practice so that practitioners are used to focusing on the present moment, without allowing other external problems or issues to stress them up. This helps to substantially reduce stress, then having a myriad of positive effects in everyday life.

Yoga Is More And More Popular Among Kids

Lately, the overall percentage of Yoga practitioners increased from 5% in 2002 to over 10% in 2016, in the US. When it comes to kids who practice Yoga, the percentage of Yoga kids practitioners increased from 2% in 2007 to around 5% in 2016, in the US.

These increases are based on more and more emerging Yoga studios, which has the purpose to bring Yoga to almost anybody through street ads and other forms of advertising.

This is not a bad thing, since Yoga is practice designed to elevate both the body, and the mind to a higher state of life.

And if connecting the Yoga beneficial effects to the kids’ needs in their development, then it’s obviously that Yoga is much better than other physical activities.

  • Yoga is increasing attention and concentration – kids need to develop their focus, therefore Yoga is beneficial in this regard.
  • Yoga is eliminating hostility and anger – some kids are hyperactive, and this hyperactivity could lead to a hostile or anger behavior. Yoga is designed to increase the inner calmness, therefore is good in relaxation and offering a positive vision on the surrounding world.
  • Yoga is increasing the self-acceptance – kids who practice Yoga will concentrate more on their inner universe, improving their self-esteem, therefore Yoga will help them enjoy their own being.
  • Yoga is improving the social skills – Yoga teachings on life help practitioners to deepen the connections with all the forms of life, especially with those very close to them, such as friends, family, and colleagues. This can be particularly helpful for people with developmental disabilities, such as autistic people.
  • Yoga is reducing stress – kids can also be stressed up, therefore Yoga is good in reducing stress by various breathing techniques.

3 easy Yoga poses for kids

  1. Sukhasana.

Sit upright on a special Yoga mat with your knees bent and your legs crossed, and your palms positioned on the knees.

Keep the spine as straight as you can.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath, then exhale as slowly as possible.

This basic position of Yoga practice will help you improve your back and spine flexibility and will reduce the stress.

  1. Cat pose.

Sit on your Yoga mat facing the ground, supporting your body weight with your palms (with extended hands) and knees. Try to distribute the weight evenly on each arm, keeping the fingers apart.

Inhale while arching your back up (forming a hump), so bringing your chin closer to the chest.

Describe the extent of mental sensations which are felt from the neck to the lower end of the spine.

As you exhale, arch your back down and lift your chin as up as you can.

Repeat these movement several times until you feel your spine and chest relaxed and until the tension is depleted.

  1. The Tree pose.

This pose is an excellent help to the body to regain its balance. In The Tree pose, you are supposed to be standing up, keeping your body as straight as possible and your palms should be held together as if you’re saying a prayer.

Lift your hands overhead.

Leave all of your body weight on your right foot, at first, then lift and bend your left knee and support the left foot with your right thigh.

Hold the position for 30 seconds, then repeat the exercise with the other leg.

The Tree pose stretches your entire body, from the heel to the tip of your fingers, and is also helping to improve your body flexibility.


Yoga is more popular with kids because kids are needing more to get the positive beneficial effects out of this ancient practice designed to create better persons, on physical, mental, and spiritual levels.

On the other hand, Yoga is an easy way for kids to have the necessary physical activity to avoid a sedentary lifestyle and all the negative results of this, such as obesity, diabetes, and heart issues.

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