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Your kid is vaping? What can you do?

Aura S
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your kid is vapping

The bad influence of the e-cigs

The main problem is when teenagers become more and more tempted. You know, being a teen could be quite difficult. This is the age when they build their personalities, when their curiosity is beyond anyone’ imagination. We all know that, we all been there so these affirmations are more than real.
There are hundreds or even more than hundreds of teens who start smoking worldwide. As you know this is not a good choice for them at all. Most of them will remain smokers for the rest of their lives.

What about e-cigs? They can have access at them. I believe that all of them heard about the new “healthy” way of smoking. They also heard that these types of cigs release no smoke, no smell and that you can smoke them in the usually forbidden places. This means that the temptation could be even bigger.
I personally have seen many teenagers vaping all over the place. What will you do if you discover that your own child is vaping? He might be tempted due to the fact that it is harder to be traced. He is right, you know. If you can easily smell the cigarettes odor on your kid hands and clothes, when it comes about e-cigs, things are not that obvious.
If you are familiarized with the e-cigs smell you might, however notice, because the vapors released during the vaping process have a sweet scent. One thing that you must be aware of is that the nicotine addiction can start even if your kid smokes e-cigs instead of regular cigarettes, so the danger is still there.
When it comes about young children, the nicotine addiction has different effects than on adults. They react differently even if the nicotine quantity is small. If you know your kid well enough, you will be able to see these changes. He might become suddenly anxious, he might suffer of unexplained mood changes and he could have nausea episodes and stomach issues.

Besides all that he might also experience some headaches that he did not had before. You should not think that all these side effects will emerge only after a nicotine intoxication. Young teenagers can have such symptoms after only one or two cigarettes or after vaping a few times.

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Your kid is vaping? What can you do?
Everyone knows how dangerous the smoking habit is. Even so the number of smokers did not decreased in any way or the decrease is insignificant. Quitting smoking is one of the most difficult tasks in the world and many people tried it and few of them succeeded.
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