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Your kid is vaping? What can you do?

Aura S
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your kid is vapping

What to do when you discover?

Let’s say that after you made a few investigations, you finally have the confirmation that your kid is smoking e-cigarettes. What can you do? As I already said, I have seen teenagers vaping all over the place, including in the schools’ yards in front of their teachers. This is another generation that has much more access to the forbidden things than we ever had.

Some people might say that the education received at home is to blame. I do not believe that. I am sure that most parents try their best to educate and teach their children how to make the difference between bad and good.
It will be very difficult to drag him out of a certain entourage. Parents are usually scared of being resented by their own children. First you should be his main example. If he will not see you doing the same thing, then you can offer yourself as an example. It will be quite difficult to tell your kid to stop smoking while you hold a cigarette between your lips.
If you are a smoker, then for the sake of your kid maybe you should quit and if you do it together things will be even more motivating for him. It will be like a competition. You need to talk with your kid and explain him what he is exposing himself at, if he does not forget about vaping.

Considering that the internet can also offer educative materials if you want to find them, you should show him and let him read about all the bad thing e-cigs and regular cigarettes can do. Reading might not be enough. Watching videos with these effects and also testimonials of people who suffers or serious health issues due to the smoking habit, might have a bigger impact on him. Reading can be boring sometimes, especially at their age.
If the situation seems to overcome your possibilities and you realize that you cannot do it on your own, taking your teenager to a counselor specialized in teenagers’ psychology could be the answer. He might resent that, but it will be better to give him the opportunity to discuss all these issues with someone who is not a parent and who does not judge the teenager in any way. Even if you have no intention to judge him or patronize him, you will do it unconsciously.


It is quite difficult to manage such situations for any parent. You could only imagine your kid as a kid no matter if he became a teen now. The main thing that you should not do is to strongly forbid him to smoke. This will make him hide from you and he might do worse things just to get even with you.

This age is maybe the most vulnerable period of humans’ lives. The only way in which you can keep things under control is to communicate allot with your kid. You must tell him the truth and allow him to make his own choices. You need to support him all the way. Quitting smoking is maybe one of the most difficult tasks. Nicotine can give a high level of addiction, even worse than other illegal drugs. He will need to know that you understand his needs and what he is going through.

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Your kid is vaping? What can you do?
Everyone knows how dangerous the smoking habit is. Even so the number of smokers did not decreased in any way or the decrease is insignificant. Quitting smoking is one of the most difficult tasks in the world and many people tried it and few of them succeeded.
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