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How Helpful is ZipRecruiter?

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Nowadays, there are numerous options for finding a job, as information flies around easily. With just a Google search, you can learn about any field that might need your experience.

How ZipRecruiter works?

The multiple online employment platforms can greatly help anyone looking to stat work. ZipRecruiter is one that caught our attention.

It uses in-house technology to link businesses with the appropriate employees. Moreover, their app, as well as their online platform, claims to be the ‘#1 Rated Job Search App’, according to online sources.

It seems that it’s not only connecting job seekers with companies, but the whole process itself is a fluid and simple one. Some online articles have detailed more on the effectiveness of ZipRecruiter.

They praised the way it uses artificial intelligence to connect the right employee with the right employer.

It seems that people behind this job-recruiting platform have invested serious amounts of money in order to deliver such great features. AI and data research represent the two areas that received the most financial investment.

This is how ZipRecruiter creates the link between a certain company and the right candidate for the open position. By using more detailed and effective learning tools, they gave up focusing on more candidates and deliver the few that match the job in question.

The company was launched in 2010 in Santa Monica, CA. With over 1,000 employees across two states and three countries, ZipRecruiter follows the ideology of its four founders, Ian Siegel, Ward Poulos, Will Redd, and Joe Edmonds.

From the moment it got launched, their online website claims to have reached more than 1.5 million employers and more than 430 million job applications.

But let’s dive deeper into what ZipRecruiter actually means. Keep on reading to find out more about how it works, its pricing, and about the refund policy.

How can you use ZipRecruiter

Depending on what you want from it, you’ll be provided with several features to help you reach your goal. Therefore, both job seekers and employers can get some great benefits by using it.

Job seeking on ZipRecruiter

If you are on the run of finding the best job that matches your experience and talents, then you should definitely give it a try.

First off, you’ll need an online account with ZipRecruiter in order to upload your resume. While it’s not mandatory as you set up your account, you’ll need further on.

This profile you create allows you to add a photo of yourself, to provide more info on your work history. Also, you can add payment requirements and any other data you might find relevant for your possible employers.

The essential idea to keep in mind is that the more detailed you’ll be, the higher the chances for you to get hired in the right job for your skill set.

With ZipRecruiter you can also look out for any open job positions according to some key words and locations that you can use. If anything gets your attention, you can apply directly or maybe save it and deal with it later on.

This job recruiting platform can also passively work in your best interest. You don’t have to be 24/7 online to get the best results. The technology thy use over at ZipRecruiter will be on guard constantly.

If they’ll find any job matching the information you filled into your profile, you’ll get a notification to apply.

Another feature that comes with them is that you’ll be able to see how many people have viewed your resume. Also, how many times your information has been saved, appreciated, shared, or reviewed.

Sending notifications is something else that ZipRecruiter does. Whenever a job matches your profile, you’ll receive a ding, even though you might not be using your computer or device.

Also, whenever a job will close, you’ll get notified so that you can move further with your search.

Looking for the best employees on ZipRecruiter

As a company, there are several features that can help you hire the best people for your position.

ZipRecruiter’s technology will analyze all the information about your job and it will place it on all their partners’ platforms, such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Monster.

As you post your job announcement with ZipRecruiter, you can also include any logo or branding element, as it is mobile-friendly.

You are also allowed to include several questions for your job’s applicants. It’s a way of knowing more about the people you’ll choose to interview.

Once you get their answers, along with their resumes, a user friendly dashboard comes in handy to let you track and rate each person that’s applying.

This is a great way of connecting with your candidates. By giving someone a thumb up, for instance, you are basically helping ZipRecruiter’s AI figure out what type of people you want for your job.

This is how you’ll be connected with those candidates that fit you best.

Other features make ZipRecruiter work easy for you, like creating custom made email responses and even downloading into an Excel file all your candidates’ list.

This can really help, considering the fact that there are over 12 million resumes in their database.

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