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Zuckerberg and Facebook through his sister’ eyes

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zuckerberg and facebook

Randi – Zuckerberg’s sister

Randi was involved in this project from the beginning. She worked along with her brother and shared their ideas and knowledge in order to create what Facebook is today. This is the main reason why she is the CEO of Zuckerberg Media where she was able to do all the things she always dreamed.

Having her own production company, gave her the freedom to show people what she can really do. As you can imagine, her tech skills are used in almost all her TV shows. All you have to do to convince yourself about that is to listen Sirius XM Business Radio show.
As I already mentioned she joined Facebook when it was at its beginnings and the main working point was in a small apartment in California. She took a great risk in order to support his brother’ ideas considering that she used to work at an important advertising company. She did what she knew best. She advertised the social platform so more and more people will join it.

When the business was at that level they never thought about the complications that will emerge once the social network will gain so much popularity worldwide. It is a consequence that they admitted and handled it as well as they could. Everyone knows that once such social network that supports the freedom of speech on its true meaning will be used for darker purposes as well. It is hard to control the phenomenon but they do all they can to handle it. All those scandals about the platform involvement in political purposes, the privacy gaps and all the information spread on it which might not always be real it is almost impossible to stop.

Once Facebook developed more features also more problems emerged. The safe and non violent content was replaced or blended with violent images and videos that affected the public and Facebook’ image big time.
According with Randi’ affirmations, first in the early years of Facebook they were happy and amazed that they gave everyone the chance to speak their minds. These days, when so many bad things happened right in front of their eyes through their social network, they are a bit frightened that they gave such chance to everyone. She said that no one believed that the technology and the tools created to improve their social platform will be used for improper purposes. The main purpose was to empower its users and to help media to speak about the reality in this world and to allow them to publish uncensored content.

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Zuckerberg and Facebook through his sister’ eyes
If you think about social networks, the main thing that comes in your mind is Facebook. What the world could be without it? These days every person has a personal account on this social network.
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  1. This is so interesting story! It’s good to know that his parents still supported him even if they wanted a different plan for him. Great article! 🙂

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