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Zuckerberg and Facebook through his sister’ eyes

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zuckerberg and facebook

Her opinion is that this desire of keeping track of the newest technology and to beat the competition in order to survive and gain more money makes people a little bit unconscious of the consequences of their actions. They only see the good part when they release a tool and they do not even think about the damage that can be done with it once it is released.
Even if she has these opinions about Facebook and about other social networks just like this one, she always defended her brother when he got into trouble due to the things published on his platform. He was highly criticized when he refused to delete a sensitive content about the Holocaust, but she defended him because he did not want to deny people the opportunity of expressing different opinions on this topic.

Everyone must have the opportunity to speak freely of their beliefs as long as they do not want to influence other people. They were just questioning history.
Even if many people might consider Mark a cold person he has a very close relationship with his family and with his sister Randi. He even skipped important meetings with great personalities in order to offer her sister the needed support. Randi gave such an example when he came to see her debut on Broadway even if he planned a meeting with the president of the U.S. at that time.

She also says that since they were children they were very close and she remembers many funny stories and events that include her brother. She believed that his idea to create Facebook came from the desire of keeping their family and friends connected. Once he realized that this can be done through a social network and at such high ranges he decided that everyone in this world should have this opportunity.

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Zuckerberg and Facebook through his sister’ eyes
If you think about social networks, the main thing that comes in your mind is Facebook. What the world could be without it? These days every person has a personal account on this social network.
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  1. This is so interesting story! It’s good to know that his parents still supported him even if they wanted a different plan for him. Great article! 🙂

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