Preparing For Your Investment In Gold And Silver

Purchase Conditions

Transactions in precious metals are only authorized for adults upon presentation of their identity card.

Payment is made only by bank check, bank transfer or credit card; cash payments are completely prohibited by law for any purchase or sale of precious metals in order to combat money laundering.

The delivery of investment gold purchased from a professional can be done freely throughout France, according to the seller’s conditions. However, the purchase of gold abroad (or on a web platform located abroad) and its transfer to France are subject to customs conditions.


From the moment your decision to purchase precious metals is made, the question of their storage arises. For equal value, the storage of silver metal requires a little more space than for gold, the latter being a denser metal. To the eye, a 100-gram silver ingot will, therefore, be larger than a 100-gram gold ingot: the silver ingot will therefore take up more space. A concept to take into account before buying!

Solutions exist depending on the volume to be stored.

  • The home safe: this option is the most common among individuals. It may be suitable for an investment of less than €5,000, keeping in mind that burglaries can happen at any time. You will also need to take care to declare the goods hosted to your insurance. Otherwise, you will not be able to claim compensation. Some insurances also require the use of sealed safes, the cost of which is not negligible.
  • The safe in a bank: it is a simple solution to set up; your valuable possessions are protected from burglary or damage, but they are not protected from bank failure or confiscation. Fewer and fewer banks are able to keep physical gold because the creation and maintenance of safes represent a significant cost for banking establishments. Storage costs are, therefore, generally high. The final drawback is that banks can take up to several days to provide access to a safe, which is not practical for making a sale quickly while taking advantage of the gold price at its highest.
  • The safe outsourced outside the banking system: shared or private security companies store and guarantee your deposits in their storage centres. The countries chosen for storage are generally countries renowned for their good financial stability: France, Switzerland, etc. At Or-Investissement, we offer you a storage solution from €5,000 of investment in gold in secure vaults in France.
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